End of the line

Houston Texans fired first year coach Lovie Smith Sunday night hours after the team beat the Indianapolis Colts today to finish 3-13-1.

Did Houston fire Smith because a loss would have given the Texans the #1 draft pick instead of #2 because the Chicago Bears also lost.

The Detroit Lions were eliminated this afternoon from the playoffss when the Seattle Seahawks won. But the Lions get the consolation prize of the gratitude of millions of Americans for winning and keeping Aaron Rodgers out of the playoffs.

How do you lose a game when the opposing QB is 5-15 for 43 years and 2 interceptions? A 2.8 passing rating. No joke. Well, if there’s a silver lining for Saints fans, after today it should be easier to fire Dennis Allen

But yeah, this Saints game is a good microcosm of a bad season.

It’s January 8, and we’re almost halfway through an 82 game NBA season that will eliminate 10 of 30 teams from postseason play. Why doesn’t NBA just call those 82 games the world’s longest preseason and be done with it?

Not sure Chuck Schumer’s reasoning for keeping Senate out of legislative session until Jan 23. But last week the Senate accomplished as much as the House did anyway.

After Hakeem Jeffries brilliantly schooled Kevin McCarthy and the GOP, how long until Fox News tries to convince viewers there’s something subversive about “alliterative” speech?

Velveeta Voldemort is taking credit for Kevin McCarthy’s being elected speaker, while complaining about “the Speaker selection process, as crazy as it may seem..” Tr*mp thinks anything involving an actual election with votes being counted is “crazy.”

In the United Kingdom they had a challenge as to whether a head of lettuce could outlast Prime Minister Liz Truss. The lettuce won. What should the challenge for Kevin McCarthy be? Can he outlast a carton of milk?

Oscar Mayer is looking to hire 12 drivers for year-long gigs to drive their Wienermobiles. Actually, “Wienermobile” might be a good name for whoever now drives Kevin McCarthy around in Washington.

The identity of the 6 year old who shot his teacher is being withheld because he’s a minor. But why do I have a feeling if he were an immigrant or child of color, Fox and other right wing media would be all over it.

And why haven’t the kid’s parents been arrested yet?

Amazing. GOP during the campaign was nonstop about the economy and the border. Now that McCarthy has a (tenuous) hold on the gavel, Republicans claim Americans elected them to investigate the Biden family??!

Went to try a Kevin McCarthy cocktail, but every time I tried to order it somebody objected.

From my funny friend Marc Ragovin “The good news for Kevin McCarthy: He was finally elected House Speaker The bad news: He must now do Matt Gaetz’s girlfriend’s homework for the next year.”

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