The game’s the thing

As a frustrated SF Giants fan thinking if Giants have lost Carlos Correa at this point, would at least be amusing if things fall apart for him and Scott Boras with NY Mets too… and Correa ends up back with Minnesota Twins.

Kevin McCarthy has just taken the early lead from Tom Brady and the NFC South Champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers as “ugliest win of 2023”

In case anyone was wondering, Nancy Pelosi needed only one ballot for her Democratic colleagues to elect her as Speaker of the House.

So how many Scaramuccis do we think Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership will last?

Kevin McCarthy says at 2:10am January 7, “I do want to especially thank President Trump.” And there Kevin flushes the last shred on the toilet roll of his dignity away.

A six year old child today in Virginia shot and critically injured his teacher. Apparently deliberately.

Waiting for NRA to say “If only there were a good six year old with a gun to stop a bad six year old with a gun.”

Pretty sure Nancy Pelosi denied any requests for television interviews tonight: She knows it’s unbecoming for a former Speaker of the House to be shown laughing hysterically.

GOP pretends Joe Biden saying July 6th instead of January 6th is sign of age.

Jake Tapper. “Joe Biden may be experiencing an ailment not entirely unknown to him: foot in mouth disease.” Quote is from JANUARY 31, 2007. Better to have trouble w/ words than trouble w/ democracy.

If someone who votes for a House Speaker ends up removed from Congress due to a criminal conviction does his or her vote still count? Asking for a democracy.

Finally, two years after Jan 6 (and 7) since the vote was concluded in the wee hours, the Senate Rules Committee chair & ranking member are Senate “tellers” for electoral votes.

Chair then was Roy Blunt, who has had great working relationship w/ Amy Klobuchar. Together they finished job at 4am. Imagine if chair had been Rules member Ted Cruz.


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One Comment on “The game’s the thing”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    The good news for Kevin McCarthy: He was finaly elected House Speaker

    The bad news: He must now do Matt Gaetz’s girlfriend’s homework for hte next yea

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