Time after time…

So what’s going to happen first?

Carlos Correa finally signs for 2023?

Or the House finally gets a Speaker?

In the NBA if you can’t get the ball inbounded in 5 seconds, you lose possession. At some point shouldn’t GOP lose possession and have to turn the House over to Democrats?

Jim Harbaugh indicated this week he expected to be coaching at Michigan in 2023

Tonight it comes out NCAA is investigating Harbaugh for serious allegation during COVID recruiting dead period and more serious charge of for possibly misleading investigators.

Of course, “at Michigan” could have meant Harbaugh expects to be coach a team that might have a road trip to play the Detroit Lions.

Washington bars are thinking of offering a “Speaker of the House” cocktail. Problem is, no one can decide what to put in it.

Marjorie Three Names tells CNN “Americans are tired of drama.” And she says it with a straight face.

As John James nominates Kevin McCarthy & Dan Bishop nominates Byron Donalds, GOP factions each are actually trying to claim they are the best on supporting Black people and civil rights. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

Is there a 25th Amendment that applies to Congress?

Hakeem Jeffries has now been the leading vote getter in 11 votes for House Speaker! In most elections, a plurality is sufficient. Shouldn’t Jeffries be Speaker?

While Kevin McCarthy waits for yet another vote that he will lose, maybe he should read a novel by Mary Shelley?

Part of the problem with media and politics right now: SF Chronicle, front page headline “GOP still can’t agree on McCarthy.” Page 9 headline at bottom of page. “Biden highlights unity amid GOP’s disarray.”

GOP representative Kat Cammack on her accusation that Democrats were drinking alcohol during the House Speaker vote, “If it wasn’t true, why did they get so offended?” Can someone ask Kat why Velveeta Voldemort gets so offended when he’s accused of being a rapist?

Think Chuck Schumer should bring Senate back to Washington DC NOW and start passing legislation on things Americans actually care about to highlight just how much this dysfunction in the House is hurting our country.

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