Bare minimum?

Texas A & M’s men’s basketball team started the game today with a technical foul for delay of game after a team manager left their jerseys at a Gainesville hotel and the game’s start was postponed a few minutes. (The Aggies ended up winning 66-63)

Guess at college level you can’t play “Shirts vs skins?”

The GOP Speaker circus continues. Normally when something that seems like a done deal ends up going on this long, Scott Boras is involved.

Meanwhile, on a positive note, Joe Biden appeared today with Mitch McConnell, GOP Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, and Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, touting repairs that will actually begin on the Brent Spence Bridge.

The bridge, one of the busiest in the country, has been a problem for years. But partisan gridlock meant Obama wasn’t able to get funding done. So this was hailed as a “leglislative miracle.”

Southwest is justifiably getting headlines for stupid technology.

But a moment for United Airlines: Canceled a reservation for my client as a duplicate to India.

Because there was another “Patel” on the flight. (To save you Google time, there are over 4 MILLION Patels in India.)

Few buyers would be stupid enough to hire a moving van to take their stuff to a new home before they closed on the sale. And yet Kevin McCarthy moved his stuff into the Speaker’s office before House voted. Stupidity? Hubris? Or both?

D*mn shame the House Speaker election doesn’t function like most US elections. Because Hakeem Jeffries has received the most votes six times.

Kat Cammack lies and accuses Democrats of drinking alcohol on the House Floor. Meanwhile way too many Republicans have drunk the MAGA Kool-Aid.

As House prepares for a fourth vote on Speaker, at this point even if Kevin McCarthy wins, he’s made so many concessions he’ll be basically wielding a Nerf gavel.

One of many concessions McCarthy has made, and he hasn’t won the gavel yet, is that five members can call for a change in the Speaker.

A lettuce outlasted UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. Looking good for a lettuce challenge against Kevin McCarthy.

Has it occurred to Republicans that every day this GOP circus keeps going is one day potentially closer to them losing a seat if George Santos gets arrested?

WTAF? Fox News: “50 conservative heavyweights co-signed statement Wed applauding House members who voted against McCarthy & calling for Kevin to drop out.” One signer – Ginni Thomas. GOP lost their collective sh*t when they thought wrongly Sotomayor had dinner w/ Dem leaders.

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