Not closing time..

UCLA had a 14 point lead on Pitt in 3rd quarter in the Sun Bowl. USC had a 15 point lead on Tulane late 4th quarter in the Cotton Bowl.

Both USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac 12. Looking like mean bitch karma might be a fan of traditional conference football

To anyone who turned off the Cotton Bowl in the 4th quarter. You just made your first big sports fan mistake of 2023.

Tulane fans just learning what I heard long ago as a Stanford freshman – Trojans pop under Pressure. #CottonBowl

Carlos Correa and Scott Boras have now spent a higher number of days negotiating with the Mets than they were willing to give the SF Giants in a number HOURS after a questionable physical.

Suppose it would be tacky for Nancy Pelosi to gift Kevin McCarthy an abacus?

So if GOP can’t get it together can we just keep Nancy Pelosi in charge until they do?

Nancy Pelosi won all four of her elections as Speaker on the first ballot. Just saying.

WTF? After today’s swearing in ceremonies, Chuck Schumer decided Senate won’t have their first legislative session until January 23?

Well, maybe by then the House will have chosen a Speaker.

New F.D.A. rules will allow medication abortion drugs to be dispensed by any pharmacy to a woman with a prescription from a certified health care provider, in person at the pharmacy & by mail order. Makes sense, abortion pills should be at least as easy to obtain as Viagra.

GOP Rep. Michael McCaul says adjournment today was like a “time out” for a “family meeting.” The message is “Hey kids, let’s all get together on this and stop fighting each other.” More like screaming at the kids and threatening to pull over and turn the car around.

Reports increasingly are that many in Republican House voting against Kevin McCarthy say they don’t want him but can’t articulate what they DO want. Time to start calling them the G-NO-P?

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