Getting late early

Postponing football jokes until tomorrow out of respect for Damar Hamlin, currently in critical condition at University of Cincinnati Medical Center after suffering cardiac arrest after what looked like a routine hit during a Bills-Bengals Monday Night Football game.

But here’s the GoFundMe he set up last month for a daycare center in his hometown. The donations have LONG passed enough to get the toys he was hoping the fundraiser would pay for… though am sure a lot of good can be done for needy children now with the money.

Apparently some anti-vaxxers are trying to blame his Hamlin’s injury on a COVID vaccine?

The honest response I have to those people would probably get me banned from most social media.

So back to politics.

Story today in NY Times that Brazilian authorities intend to revive fraud charges against George Santos over a 2008 case regarding stolen checkbook had been suspended as police were unable to locate Santos…

Andrew Tate was arrested over a pizza box. Will George Santos be arrested over being elected to Congress?

Have to wonder, how many of the trolls on Twitter who want President Biden to release his tax returns know he’s already released 22 years of them. Many of these folks aren’t stupid. They just think we are.

As the GOP House Speaker saga continues, Nancy Pelosi has made no public statement on the trials and tribulations of Kevin McCarthy. But she might be forgiven for giggling…

Per Washingon Post, Kevin McCarthy, still trying to get votes for Speaker, “stressed the need for the conference to unite around a proposed rules package that will dictate how the House governs over the next two years.” Uh, does anyone think GOP actually plans to govern, period?

Fox News Contributor David Bossie wrote op-ed saying “House Republicans need to display competency in governing & listen to the American people.” So he thinks American people are telling GOP they should fight over choosing speaker & obsess over Hunter Biden’s laptop? OK then.

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