Nearly new year…

So did Ohio State and Michigan play a video game for third place today and call it the Hangover Bowl?

Before San Antonio played Dallas on New Year’s Eve, with super star Luka Doncic,, Gregg Popovich told media “50 is going to be our goal. We’re holding Luka to under 50!”

Doncic scored 51 and the Mavericks beat the Spurs by ONE point….

When did it become a rule that the team playing against Tom Brady has to forget how to play offense and defense late in the 4th quarter?

Finally done with all those emailed end of year fundraising requests. Today begins the “let’s get 2023 fundraising off to a good start” requests.

Some people seem less upset by Chris Licht turning CNN into Fox Light than his decision to keep Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper sober on New Year’s Eve.

Watching Love Actually for umpteenth time on an airline flight, and while I know of course all films have to be made PG-13 for planes, just realized, they cut the wonderful Judy and Jack (body doubles) subplot COMPLETELY. That’s maybe the best romance in the film.

Happy New Year. President Biden signed $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill in St Croix last Thursday, after bill was flown down on a Spirit Airlines flight. Great of Joe to save taxpayers money. But thank goodness he wasn’t vacationing in destination only served by Southwest.

Since “Red wave” is trending time to remind women that this anticipated midterm wasn’t even enough of red wave to need a junior Tampax.

Prediction for 2023. George Santos will have the full and complete support of the GOP unless he says the 2020 election wasn’t stolen.

Imagine if Joe Biden had so much as a few hundred dollars in an Irish bank account he inherited from a relative. Why the fact revealed in Velveeta Voldemort’s tax returns that he had foreign bank accounts in about a dozen countries a bigger story?

If we didn’t already know Amy Klobuchar was the Senator most willing to work with anyone, anytime, to promote Democratic goals, on New Year’s Day morning she agreed to to come on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Shouldn’t there be a medal for that?

We now know tiny local paper WAS covering George Santos lies. Meanwhile, Amy Klobuchar on Meet the Press confirms Journalism Competition & Preservation Act was set to pass in Dec, until Meta & Google made few calls…. We need papers we have to survive, to keep both sides honest.

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