Not just the scoring…

So it didn’t turn out to be THAT compelling a game. Tennessee Clemson still has to be the most Orange Orange Bowl ever.

LeBron James just turned 38 . And he says his top priority is ‘to win.’ Lebron is smart. He’s been involved in community & active politically off the court. Considering how close Herschel Walker came in Georgia, maybe a way James can win in his 40s would be to run for office in Ohio.

UCLA puts a blemish on Pac 12’s bowl game record by losing to Pitt 37-35. Well, soon the Bruins will be the Big 10’s problem. #ByeFelicia

Ten Major League Baseball umpires are retiring before the 2023 season. Sadly none of them are Angel Hernandez.

Fox News Headline. “Biden pardons woman convicted of murdering her husband & 5 others.” President pardoned domestic abuse survivor who finally killed her abuser, & “5 others on drug, alcohol-related offenses.” Headline makes it sound like he pardoned a mass-murderer. Coincidence?

So since some MAGA’s have decided the most important issue of our time is drag shows, have they started calling for boycotts of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” yet?

RIP Barbara Walters. These days we’re used to seeing woman broadcasters and anchors but hard to explain to a younger generation how ground-breaking and impressive she was.

In Arizona, a recount found Democrat Kris Mayes defeated G-OP Abraham Hamadeh to become the state’s Attorney General by 280 votes… out of over 2.5 million.

In case anyone tries to tell you your vote doesn’t matter.

So if anyone is stuck in Texas or Florida due to Southwest Airlines meltdown and trying to get back to the Northeast, here’s a solution- claim you’re an undocument immigrant..

Abbott or DeSantis will send a bus or maybe even a chartered plane for you.

So has NY Times yet tried to both sides #TrumpTaxReturns?

Some right wing media still apoplectic about President Biden’s stay this weekend in St. Croix, at home where NY Post claims VRBO rates start at $700. Missed same media outrage when Tr*mp charged Service Service $400 a night at Mar-A-Lago & over $1000 some nights at his DC hotel.

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