Time after time…

Scott Boras seems to be giving the New York Mets considerably more than the several hours he gave the SF Giants to think about their contract offer after Carlos Correa had issues with his physical.

Usually the deal is when you buy something returned by the original buyer it’s final sale only.

So all kinds of rumors that Sean Payton might be returning to Saints & bringing Tom Brady with him? Uh, if Sean wants to bring an aging former superstar QB back to New Orleans there’s one he’s worked pretty well with who’s had a couple years off to let his body heal…

Denver Broncos’ QB Russell Wilson: “Wish I played better for Nathaniel Hackett.”

Uh, the fired Broncos coach still made plenty of money. How about Wilson wishing he’d played better for fans who actually paid serious money to watch the team this year in Denver?

So if it turns out George Santos lied about consensual oral sex would GOP finally try to get him out of office?

So some Republicans are already complaining Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg hasn’t done enough with the Southwest Airline meltdown?

Southwest is based in Dallas. Anyone seen either Senator from Texas during this mess?

Headline in SF Chronicle “Southwest plane turns around midair due to passenger ‘conflict’.” Shocking! A Southwest flight actually made it to “midair?”

From my funny friend Marc Ragovin “Southwest Airlines’ newest ad: ‘Ping. You are now free to move about the terminal. Cause your flight aint leaving for another six days.'”

Starting January 5, travelers from China will need to show negative COVID test result within 2 day of flying to US. Not a bad idea. But every travel agent I know has stories of people right here in US who knew they have COVID and chose to fly anyway. Be careful out there.

While suppose one should not speak ill of the dead or perhaps terminally ill, your reminder that Republicans now making up lies about “grooming” to demonize LGBTQ people were almost universally silent about Pope Benedict XVI turning a blind eye to sexual abuse of children by priests.

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