It gets late early…

Most NFL rumors are just that, rumors. One of them is Sean Payton returning to coach the New Orleans Saints in 2023.

As a Saints fan that is a nice fantasy.

Another rumor is that Payton will come back to New Orleans and have Tom Brady at QB.

THAT is an indecent proposal.

(Although if Drew is bored…)

The Guaranteed Rate Bowl in Phoenix started at 815p Arizona time, 1015p on the East Coast, and 915p Central Time where both Wisconsin and Oklahoma State are located.

Imagining how many of the Badgers and Cowboys younger fans begged – “Mommy, Daddy, can I stay up for the kickoff?”

At this point wonder if Scott Boras is trying to see if Dr. Ronny Jackson will do the next physical on Carlos Correa.

Not a lot funny about Jan 6, Still had to chuckle when former WH Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere was asked on Velveeta Voldemort’s reputed plans to walk w/ supporters to US Capitol.” “Never seen him walk across golf course w/o a golf cart. Can’t imagine him walking up Pennsylvania Ave.”

President Biden traveled today with his family to St. Croix for the New Year’s weekend. So how many right-wing pundits have attacked Joe for taking a vacation out of the country?

When Tulsi Gabbard calls George Santos out for blatant lies you get the sense even Russia thinks this guy has gone too far to be useful. Maybe Santos better stay away from windows?

Remember as Republicans just keep shrugging off revelations from George Santos (and we all know we haven’t heard the last of them), that GOP led the charge to get Congresswoman Katie Hill to resign when revenge porn resulted in her divulging a consensual relationship with a staffer.

Seeing would-be book banners complain about “porn in schools.” Flashback to living in Toronto in days kids could walk to school & stores on own. In 8th grade, remember boys on lunch break gathered at magazine rack, all sneaking looks at Playboy hoping busy clerk wouldn’t see…

Southwest Airlines doesn’t work much with travel agents and will charge agencies mandatory fees for the slightest transgression, so usually tell clients I don’t book them. This is a very good week as a travel agent not to be booking Southwest Airlines.

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4 Comments on “It gets late early…”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Scott Boras has released the following letter from Carlos Correa’s orthopedist: “There is nothing wrong with Carlos’s knee.” Sincerely, Dr. George Santos.

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Southwest Airlines’ newest ad: “Ping. You are now free to move about the terminal. Cause your flight aint leaving for another six days.”

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