Late boxing day thoughts

So what happens next time Scott Boras says one of his clients is 100% healthy?

Thinking I’m not the only person in America who was disappointed the last present on Christmas night should have been watching Tom Brady lose.

Love that Tyler Rogers will play with his identical twin brother Taylor on the SF Giants. Even though it would have been perfect marketing had they both ended up with Minnesota.

And yeah, grapes are sour (so some might say is wine) but Brady’s comebacks against the Cardinals and Saints were also fueled by Arizona and New Orleans’ offensive meltdowns.

At least Colts fans might be disappointed in their team’s loss but they at least got any heartbreak over early…

On Christmas night – Denver Broncos 4-10, vs LA Rams, 4-10 tonight. Rams up 31-6 at halftime.

And if you were with family and still watched the 2nd half,, you probably REALLY were looking for an excuse to avoid your relatives.

Can’t be the only Anglophile who thought on Christmas that it just didn’t seem right to listen to a KING’s speech?

So at Seventeen did Kari Lake cheat herself at solitaire and blame someone for giving her an unfair deck of cards?

George Santos has now admitted to lying about almost EVERYTHING on his resume. But he says “I’m not a criminal.” Okay, but he presumably filed a statement to appear on the ballot. “If employment is being sought from a state or federal employer, it is likely a crime to lie on an application….

Does ANYONE except maybe “Mother” want Mike Pence to run for President in 2024?

160 passengers had to evacuate a JetBlue flight on slides at JFK airport this week. Always thought it might be fun to go down airplane slides. Not, however, with a fire on board and zero degree weather. Fortunately everyone was okay.

Spirit would have probably charged an entertaiment fee.

As many tracked Santa’s progress around the world, think about it – many in today’s GOP would attack Santa Claus as an immigrant coming across US border to give even poor Americans free handouts.

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