Chr-ice-stmas eve.

Dan Snyder bought Washington football team formerly known as the Redskins in 1999 for $800 million. Now, he’ll probably be forced to sell the Commanders because of allegations of sexual harassment & financial fraud.. at a price over $7 billion. Yeah, that’ll teach him.

So SF Giants back out of signing Carlos Correa over a medical issue, and sign Michael Conforto, who didn’t play at ALL in 2022 after shoulder surgery. Okay then…

With all that extra money they now having lying around will SF Giants at least sign Brandon Belt so fans can name a couple players on 2023 roster?

New England Patriots likely to miss playoffs for second time in three years, and some Patriots fans attacking QB Mac Jones for showing frustration and not controlling his emotions. Well, and I’m sure their ex-QB would be better as he’s being so mature when things don’t go well in Tampa.

Saw Mall of America trending on social media last night and hoped it was because the weather was just so cold they had a power outage. Sadly, no. Minnesota almost never has a power grid problem. All America, however, has a gun problem.


So when prices for things like orange juice rise after this bomb cyclone Christmas weekend where even Florida is freezing, how are Republicans going to blame Joe Biden?

As January 6 committee recommends Velveeta Voldemort be banned from running again, have to figure that after a disappointing midterms, the GOP, while they will complain publicly, has to wish that happens.

New York City weather on December 23: Morning 48° Afternoon 26° Evening 10° Haven’t seen numbers fall this fast recently since Tesla stock pirces.

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