Changing places.

5-star football recruit, Peyton Bowen who had committed to Notre Dame, flipped to Oregon yesterday and today just signed today… with Oklahoma? His tweet today included “Respect my decision.” Uh, which one?

When shirts and caps are printed for World Series, Super Bow and NBA championships that don’t happen, the clothing is often sent to underprivileged children far away from the US. Wonder how many kids next year in remote parts of the world will be sporting Carlos Correa SF Giants t-shirts?

Guessing the media has Velveeta Voldemort lie fatigue, but seems like it should be a bigger story that the man who claimed he couldn’t release his tax returns because he was under a “routine audit,” never was audited at all.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the cryptocurrency executive facing federal fraud charges, will be freed on $250 million bond and put under home detention. If you didn’t already know he was white.

So George Santos will explain his story next week? I guess around the holidays it’s hard on short notice to find a historical fiction writer.

Senate voted 68-29 to continue funding the government before a Friday deadline and to avoid a potential government

shutdown. Good news, but how are 29 GOP Senators who voted no justifying their vote to ruin Christmas?

Apparently Cassidy Hutchinson gave damning testimony about Stefan Passantino, the top ethics attorney in Velveeta Voldemort’s White House. Shocking – his White House HAD ethics attorneys?

Hunter Biden, who has never been elected to office and does not have a security clearance, is open about being a recovering addict with a messed-up past. Idly wondering, wonder what some politicians and pundits who are attacking him have on THEIR personal laptops?

Just amazing. Fox News headline :”Drug overdose deaths topped 106,000 in 2021, CDC says in final report.”

Look at the actual story and it says ” spike in drug overdose deaths contributed to a 25-year low in life expectancy.”

They left out a little detail that the Washington Post found time to include on the same story about the low in life expectancy in America.”Drug overdoses were responsible for 106,699 deaths in 2021 – COVID killed 416,893,

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