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Old times.

January 30, 2023

So we have a former Athletics A’s Super Bowl

Philadelphia vs Kansas City.Look it up, youngsters.

#NFLRigged trending on social media probably not the hashtag the league wanted.

When it comes to the concept of NFL referees determining the outcome of conference championship game, Saints fans were early adopters. #WhoDat

Wherever he was today, if he were watching the SF 49ers game, Colin Kaepernick might be forgiven for laughing.

Steve Young has won three Super Bowls. And today he won Twitter.

“@SteveYoungQB Warming up in the parking lot, let me know.”

Looking at headlines, and social media, guessing more Americans know the name of the woman who lost the race for Governor of Arizona than the woman who won. This needs to change.

Katie Hobbs was the right choice for Arizona in 2022.

Today’s GOP has no problem telling many American seniors they may have to accept significant cuts in earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare. But GOP won’t ask billionaire and millionaire seniors to give up any of their tax cuts.

Apparently on Fox News today, Harmeet Dhillon, said Republicans’ refusal to embrace mail-in-voting laws is causing the party to lose. No wonder Dhillon lost race for party chair. She has what GOP now considers an antiquated notion that eligible Americans should be able to vote.

Megyn Kelly had the nerve to be upset about our FLOTUS being Dr. Jill Biden, because she thinks only “real MDs” should be doctors.

I missed Megyn’s outrage over Rand Paul, and Dr. Phil.

Not to mention the guy who DOES have an MD and said Trump was 6’3″ and 239 pounds.