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Not over until it’s over.

January 15, 2023

One thing for sure – If either the Minnesota Vikings or the Jacksonville Jaguars are in the Super Bowl, NOBODY will turn the game off at halftime, no matter what the score.

Didn’t really care who won tonight’s Chargers Jaguars game but seeing former Jags coach Urban Meyer getting dragged all over Twitter is definitely making me a Jacksonsville fan.

There are four quarters in a football game – but Minnesota Vikings and now Jacksonville Jaguars are proving you sometimes only need to show up in the last two.

When networks introduce players and they name their colleges, with the new transfer portal rules some of these guys are going to need a few minutes.

(If they can remember all their colleges.)

Velveeta Voldemort fundraising email today “My phone call(s) to Georgia Officials were PERFECT, perhaps even more so than my PERFECT call to the President of Ukraine.” He keeps using that word “perfect,” I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

GOP trying to blame Pete Buttigieg for FAA & Southwest meltdowns

Can’t wait then for GOP to enthusiastically support Democratic efforts to increase funding for FAA to modernize their system,

and for more airline oversight, especially relating to mergers that reduce competition.

If GOP didn’t have the newly discovered classified documents to salivate however how would they be blaming President Biden for the avian flu which is jacking up egg prices?

And we’re now at the point where Republicans care less about women than they do about gas stoves.