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Missed it by how much?

January 31, 2023

As a Saints fan, didn’t care that much about the AFC and NFC Championship games.

But no matter who you were rooting for, can we all agree that New Orleans fans have been right for years in saying NFL officiating really s*cks?

Washington Wizards beat the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio for the first time since 1999. 1999?!! To give you an idea how long ago that was, in 1999 the GOP thought a President should be impeached over a consensual affair.

QB Stetson Bennett, who led Georgia to 2nd national championship, arrested this am in Dallas & charged with public intoxication. (Fortunately he wasn’t driving.) How drunk as a star athlete do you have to be to be arrested for public intoxication? Maybe cops were TCU fans.

It’s almost February, do we know where that “Republicans reading the Constitution on the House Floor” is yet?

And now Velveeta Voldemort is insulting Stormy Daniels and claiming he never had an affair. Has no one told him it’s not a good idea to insult and attack someone who can accurately describe your junk?

Richneck Elementary School, where a teacher was shot in early January by a 6-yr old boy, reopened Monday with metal detectors, 2 permanent school division security officers.. and clear backpacks. Clear backpacks in an elementary school?? It’s the guns, stupid.

Lakeland, Florida is the spring training home of the Detroit Tigers. And yet, when Lakeland started trending today not hard to guess it was because of yet another mass shooting. It’s the guns, stupid.

So really, who would apply for a job as an office staffer for George Santos? Maybe Washington DC or Long Island aspiring comedy writers?

Cancun Cruz wants FBI to search Hunter Biden’s homes after classified documents discovered inside Pres. Biden’s residence. I missed Ted’s demands for FBI to search homes of Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner. We know Donald overruled security experts & gave them security clearance.

President Biden was in Baltimore today. He talked about bipartisan infrastructure law with funding to finally replace 150-year-old tunnel for trains between DC to Baltimore on Amtrak route from NY to DC. Media barely covered it. They prefer travel nightmares and train wrecks.

Dear Media: You told Hillary to go home and knit. And even belittled her when she was on her book tour. Think it’s time for you to tell the Former Guy to go home and golf. Or at least stop giving him more coverage than Joe Biden, who is our President! Thank you.

Russia has declared the news outlet Meduza an “undesirable organisation”, basically outlawing one of the country’s best-known and INDEPENDENT sources of news…