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An open question

January 29, 2023

Despite saying two weeks ago he was staying at Michigan, coach Jim Harbaugh still interviewed this week for the Denver Broncos head coaching job.

Now Harbaugh may well stay with the Wolverines. But if the program, now under NCAA investigation for recruiting violations, gets seriously sanctioned…. well…

Yes, if you look at replays from Celtics-Lakers game, it’s pretty clear Lebron James was fouled on a lay-up attempt in a tie game with 4 seconds left in regulation.

OTOH, the 23-27 Los Angeles Lakers, with 32 games left, are only two games out of a postseason spot. So maybe quite not as season-altering as some claim?

Republicans really hope right now Americans pay more attention to stories involving George Santos than they do those about Charles McGonigal.

Brian Sicknick sustained injuries on Jan 6 that probably caused his death. A rioter found guilty of assaultng Officer Sicknick was sentenced Friday to 80 months in prison.

Your reminder that Mark Zuckerberg and Meta see no risk in letting the man who incited that deadly insurrection back on Facebook.

Today, as footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi was released, RNC’s Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel at the party’s winter meeting: “Why are we in California? Because I just wanted to rub Nancy Pelosi’s face in it one more time.” When someone tells you are, believe them. #Deplorable

Transcript released from jail interview of the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi’. “It originated w/ Hilary. But Pelosi ran the lie. Democratic party submitted fake evidence to spy on rival campaigns….yeah, Trump..until they were able to steal election.

GOP still pretends election deniers aren’t dangerous.

Has ANY right wing pundit or media type apologized after seeing the Paul Pelosi attack tape? I’ll wait.

Always been very fond of Jay Leno, 72, and I’m a big fan of not acting your age… But might be time for him to give up motorcyling riding.

Katharine McPhee, 38, has a 2 year old son with husband David Foster, 73. She says she wants another baby with Foster, but they are “not in any crazy rush.” So they’re waiting until they can buy baby-daddy diapers?

Imagine if there were no bodycam video, or pole-camm video, of the night police beat Tyre Nichols.

Almost as horrific as the beating is the fact that so many police officers and even EMTs stood around while Tyre Nichols lay critically injured on the ground and acted with less sympathy than if he were a wild animal run over by a car.

Tyre Nichols’ mom Rowvaughn before video released: “It’s going to be horrific, but I want each & every one of you to protest in peace. Don’t want us burning up our cities, tearing up streets; that’s not what my son stood for.” Protesters being peaceful should be a bigger story.