Hall of …nice?

Nothing against Scott Rolen. But how many people bought tickets to a game just to see him play? As an SF Giants fan who visited other stadiums back in the day when Barry Bonds played, some booed, some cheered…but no one missed a Bonds at-bat. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a joke.

Taylor Swift is the queen of break-up songs.

Wonder what kind of a song she could write if Congress could break up the monopoly that is Ticketmaster?

Kevin McCarthy is only 57 years old. But if you had an elderly parent tell you he thought George Santos was more trustworthy than Eric Swalwell or Adam Schiff you’d call his doctor to request a serious mental evaluation.

Let’s be very clear. If George Santos were elected to a deep red district, Kevin McCarthy would tell Santos to resign. But because special election would probably elect a Democrat, George could shoot someone on 5th Avenue & not lose SINO’s (Speaker In Name Only) support.

So Josh Hawley, never missing opportunity to be a jerk, has introduced act to bar lawmakers from trading stocks and profiting while in office. (Good idea.) But he called it Pelosi Act. Because none of his fellow GOP Senators have made money in office?

Suspect in Half Moon Bay mass shooting apparently had threatened coworkers & employers including saying “I am going to kill you” to a former boss he allegedly tried to suffocate in 2013. But he still had no problem legally buying a gun. What is wrong with this country?

You’d think with catastrophic tornadoes hitting Houston, Ted Cruz would be focused on the wellbeing of those in his home town. You’d think wrong. He’s tweeting about FBI needing to search for more of Joe Biden’s documents and to search Hunter Biden too.

-There is no bottom.

While we’re looking for classified documents everywhere, what about the homes of “senior advisors” to Presidents, especially those who got their job over the objections of security staff. Starting with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Wonder if anyone has thought to ask Dick Cheney about documents. Or would Cheney say before anyone searches his home they have to go hunting with him first?

So who’s going to make money by printing the first bumper sticker? “Honk if your home doesn’t have classified documents.”

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One Comment on “Hall of …nice?”

  1. Guy S Holloway Says:

    How do you defend these fucking losers? You must be a retard looking for attention.

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