Sweet and nutty.

Most anticipated Super Bowl commercial this year is going to be M&Ms. And it won’t even be close.

:Seven times the Cowboys have advanced to the divisional round since their last Super Bowl title, 27 years ago. Seven times in that span, they’ve lost it.”

Can’t decide who I’m less upset about being upset by that fact: Jerry Jones or Ted Cruz?

Wonder who’s gonna pay George Santos’s legal bills?

Lawrence O’Donnell on Kevin McCarthy’s vendetta against Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar. “No speaker has ever reached so low to try to accomplish so little because he was incapable of accomplishing anything else.”

Stephen Colbert monologue tonight includes several snippets from Velveeta Voldemort’s cringeworthy eulogy for Diamond. Friend who hated Reagan nonetheless used to admire his folksy style – “he could speak at my funeral.” Pretty sure NO ONE wants Tr*mp to speak at their funeral.

Twitter now is offering a DISCOUNTED blue check. $7.00 a month instead of $8.00 if you prepay an entire year. Such a deal. #Sarcasm

And is anyone certain Muskrat will still be in charge in a year? Didn’t he offer to step down?

Since the media and House oversight committee chair want visitor logs for President Biden’s Delaware home, why aren’t they calling for visitor logs from Mar-A-Lago? And Trump Tower, and Bedminster…?

Kevin McCarthy has found time to tweet five times today, Mostly about House committees, once about school “choice” (ie vouchers for private schools.) Not once has the Speaker, from California, tweeted even vague words of sympathy for victims of two mass shootings in his state.

As some in GOP rush to blame “mental illness” for latest mass shootings by elderly men, 2 thoughts: 1. Pretty sure these guys wouldn’t have killed 18 people by throwing rocks or with knives. 2. Medicare already insufficient for many w/ mental illness & GOP wants to cut it more.

Now the death toll is at least 7 in Half Moon Bay…. apparently mostly Chinese and Mexican farmworkers. WTF is wrong with this country? It’s the guns, stupid.

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