And then there were four.

At this point rooting for an Eagles Bengals Super Bowl.

But I must confess that I love the idea of Cowboys fan Ted Cruz tears tonight.

Dak Prescott with the short passes very late in the game doing a great Kirk Cousins imitation.

Dallas and Dak Prescott signed a a four-year, $160 million contract in 2021, with $126 million guaranteed..

San Francisco and Brock Purdy signed a $4 year, $3,737,000 contract this year, with $77,008 guaranteed.

Just looked it up. Although we think of Joe Burrow as an LSU quarterback, he was born in Ames, Iowa, and lived in Iowa, North Dakota and Ohio until he transferred to LSU in 2018. He’s used to snow.

But CBS announcers saying the snowstorm in Buffalo means Bengals-Bills “looks like a playoff game.” More like it looks like they should be starting the Iditarod.

Kansas City Chiefs fans aren’t reviled as much as the Atlanta Braves fans for their Tomahawk Chop. But they should be.

Meanwhile after Saturday’s games. So on behalf of Vikings fans, have to ask…. how did this NY Giants team ever beat Minnesota?

Heard on NFL pre-game, “this is the first time since 2009 that divisional NFL playoff games have not had either Tom Brady nor Aaron Rodgers.” No punchline. I just like writing that.

Tony Dungy has now apologized twice for his cat litter tweet. As he should. But if Dungy is really sorry, he should take some time, perhaps between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, sit down with some LGTBQ youth, and listen.

Kevin McCarthy compares Congress raising the debt ceiling to a child with a credit card. Democrats REALLY need to debunk this lie: If you decide to get your finances in order you don’t start by refusing to pay the credit card bills you’ve already incurred. Period.

Also Kevin McCarthy is from Bakersfield, about a two hour drive from Monterey Park. And crickets about the mass shooting and lives lost last night. Is the “Speaker” not just afraid of his MAGA colleagues but also the GOP’s NRA overlords?

George Santos now says his drag photo is authentic: “I had fun at a festival.” Same GOP that wants to make drag shows illegal just shrugs. Logic has a liberal bias.

Suggestion for reporters when some Republican politicians and pundits rail against COVID vaccines. Ask a simple question first “Have YOU been vaccinated?”

Yes, President Biden as VP probably was too casual with a relatively small number of classified documents. But 34 (!) people admit printing out the drafts of leaked SCOTUS Dobbs decision, some more than one copy. Others say they don’t remember. And that was barely a one day story?

As much as it’s fun to trash George Santos, we need to remember Robert Zimmerman. Zimmerman’s a decent man who was a fine Democratic candidate in November against George Santos. Maybe more Democratic energy & effort then and Santos would be back in Brazil practicing his dance moves.

So if the media is going to make their number one obsession be classified documents, isn’t it about time someone calls for investigations of Jared and Ivanka’s residences? (Remember, the Former Guy had to overrule his own security advisors for them to have clearances.)

Prosecutors say Elizabeth Holmes booked 1-way ticket to Mexico scheduled to depart weeks after her fraud conviction. As travel agent now appalled by her stupidity. If plan was try to flee without arousing suspicion why didn’t she book roundtrip ticket & plan to no-show return?

Suspect in the Monterey Park, California mass shooting is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. These murder-suicide a**holes always do things in the wrong order.

Two mass shootings last night in the headlines. Monterey Park and Baton Rouge.

Across the world no one needs to ask in which country this happened.

It’s the guns, stupid.

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