Gisele Bündchen might have been forgiven for giggling tonight.

For those of us who dislike both the Cowboys and Tom Brady, the only good thing about Dallas playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers in playoffs is that it’s a Monday night game so we had Rachel Maddow as an alternative.

After missing four extra points in a row, Cowboys place kicker Brett Maher made the 5th. 1 for 5 .200

My funny friend Dwight Perry says “If nothing else, Brett Maher has introduced the baseball term “Mendoza line” to the NFL.”

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says he will return in 2023. Wonder if the roasting his brother John is getting in the press and from his own Ravens players has anything to do with that decision.

Look, I get that being competitive means never giving up, even when the game is out of reach. But Buccaneers WR Russell Gage was injured and unable to leave the field on his own after a tackle trying to catch a pass thrown by Tom Brady on a crossing rout into coverage with Dallas having a 25 point lead and less than three minutes left in 4th quarter. (Gage has a concussion and neck injury.)

Can’t imagine Brady really needs to pad stats for a future long term contract..

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr were alive he’d only be 94 years old. I say only because 94 is younger than Chuck Grassley will be if he finishes his current Senate term.

Guess we should have known that if any state was crazy enough to try to ban electric cars it would be the state that decided Liz Cheney wasn’t conservative enough. #Wyoming

Rachel Maddow has breaking news tonight about shootings in December & January at homes of six New Mexico Democrats. Today suspect arrested. Solomon Pena, GOP nominee in 2022 for New Mexico state legislature seat. (He lost.) “Siri, tell me a story we won’t hear on Fox News.”

If ou don’t already know who Brian Schatz is.. (from Hawaii) or just don’t follow him yet, Senator Schatz is quite underrated. On negotiating on the debt ceiling with GOP: “In exchange for not crashing the United States economy, you get nothing. You don’t get a cookie.”

Donald Trump overruled experts to give Jared and Ivanka security clearances. So why isn’t anyone demanding THEIR residences be checked for classified documents.

Assume most GOP members of Congress aren’t asking George Santos to resign because they don’t want to lose a seat. But have to wonder if any of them don’t want to say he should resign because their own resumes might have “issues”?

Maybe it’s just me but seems like “US to hit debt limit this week, could default by June” should be a bigger story than if President Biden keeps visitor logs for anyone who visits his home in Delaware.

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