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June 29, 2019

How upset must Trump be that Megan Rapinoe got first goal for USWNT today?

How upset must Trump be that Megan Rapinoe got SECOND goal for USNWT today?


Some opined that Megan Rapinoe should have not engaged with Donald Trump but rather focused on World Cup matches.
Does this mean if she had ignored Donald she might have scored four goals?

And okay, off-color trigger warning here but… Another thought on Megan’s “f*cking” White House” comment. Looking at first couple’s body language, unless Donald is sneaking in interns or something, pretty sure there’s no f*cking going on in the White House.

Yankees and Red Sox are playing a weekend series in London, England. Good to see MLB send over two good teams who really need the exposure.

For the game between Red Sox and Yankees in London, Winston Churchill, Freddie Mercury, King Henry VIII and the Loch Ness Monster will race around the warning track.
Hmm, maybe SF Giants need to have a race between innings to liven things up. Crazy Crab, an Irish Coffee, a sourdough loaf, a garlic fry?

Headline that actress Lori Loughlin reportedly regrets not taking the plea deal in the college bribery scandal, and “feels very much alone.”‘

Thoughts and prayers.

Chris Matthews asked Kamala Harris “How do you not hate white people?”
It must have been so tempting to respond “I don’t hate white people. I do, however, intensely dislike stupid people.”

Can anyone imagine if a Democratic Presidential candidate joked with say, Justin Trudeau or Angela Merkel about meddling in the 2020 election?

Trump’s head of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli blamed that immigrant father for killing himself and his daughter.
So I assume Ken thinks those who died at the Berlin Wall deserved it too?

Betsy DeVos rescinding an Obama-era rule created to protect students from abusive for-profit colleges.
Has this administration ever met an abuser they didn’t like?

Numbers game.

June 28, 2019

Lebron James is giving up his Lakers jersey number #23 for Anthony Davis, who has worn the number since high school.    Which is a nice gesture.  And whether James goes back to the #6 he wore with Miami Heat or another number indeed, am sure the thought of new jersey sales never entered his mind…


Meanwhile, in Womens World Cup 2019, who knew that England might actually be good at soccer?

SF Giants have a charity online auction going on, one of the items is a session with the team’s hitting coach.  Alas, some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Meanwhile, apparently Giancarlo Stanton is now out until August. A shame, as this year the Yankees really have been missing his power….

Matt Gaetz says he will press charges against person who threw a drink at him earlier this month, to “send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views — just like anybody else.”
So waiting for Gaetz to defend Megan Rapinoe’s right to remain captain of US Women’s soccer team because she too has a right to her views.

“America doesn’t want to watch a food fight. They want to know how we’ll put food on the table”. Score one for Kamala Harris.


Upon further reflection, considering what TV shows are popular these days, maybe America DOES want to see a candidate food fight.

Anyone who thinks they can delay the 2020 census also thinks they can delay the 2020 election.

Several Democratic Presidential candidates visited the Homestead Children’s Detention Center before their debates.  You know who HASN’T visited the Homestead facility? Donald Trump.  Although it’s less than 2 hours from Mar-A-Lago.

Guess it’s too hot for him to play golf afterwards.

Trump didn’t respond last night to Kobluchar’s line about not doing foreign policy at 5 am in one’s bathrobe. Wonder if on Air Force One he WAS in his bathrobe?

Streaking and staging

June 27, 2019

NY Yankees have now hit home runs in 28 straight games. Well, at least SF Giants have hit home runs in 28 straight weeks.

Kevin Durant declined his $31.5 million player option and will become an unrestricted free agent. Even before his injury, Durant was frustrated with the nonstop media attention. Fortunately he won’t have to deal with much of that if he goes to New York.

Now Trump says he’s a big fan of US women’s soccer team. So how come he didn’t mention a thing about Women’s World Cup  until Megan Rapinoe said she wouldn’t go to the “f*cking White House?”

But while sniping back at Megan Rapinoe, Trump invited US women’s soccer team to White House “win or lose.” Maybe he needs an excuse to order a new stash of fast food?

Fox News’ Stuart Varney said Megan Rapinoe should be fired as US Women’s Soccer team captain for criticizing Trump.

Wait until Varney finds out who’s coaching the US Men’s national basketball team… Gregg Popovich.

I miss the times when Kim Kardashian trying to trademark Kimono would have been most outrageous news of the day.


Rep. Justin Amash just crossed party lines to vote in favor of authorizing subpoena for Kellyanne Conway.   Gosh. Almost as if he escaped from a cult.

Democratic debates started  tonight. Talk about crowded. There will be almost a total of almost as many people on stage as women who have accused Trump of sexual assault.

One thing for sure, no matter who you like in Democratic Debates – nobody likes insurance companies.

So if we don’t give a few of these guys a rose can we put them in a limo and send them home?

One debate takeaway – men shout a lot.

Kobluchar chided Inslee about reproductive rights, Gabbard corrected Ryan about 9-11. Men interrupted a lot. But on the whole, a debate without attacks and petty insults. What a concept.


“I don’t think we should conduct foreign policy in our bathrobe at five in the morning.” For that alone I will donate to Amy Klobuchar

Cap and trade

June 25, 2019

The way SF Giants are going, it probably makes sense for them to trade Madison Bumgarner. But damn if/when they do I am going to miss him. Especially his at-bats.

NBA basketball is becoming the favorite sport for many Americans.  But a Canadian team won the Championship,   and MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is from Greece.   In addition Luka Doncic , Rookie of the Year, is from Slovenia, Rudy Gobert, Defense Player of the year is French, and Pascal Siakam, Most Improved Player, is from Cameroon.



From Marc Ragovin   -“The NBA has fined the NY Knicks for barring a disfavored beat reporter from a recent press conference. Lemme get this straight: they won’t allow the guy to cover the team? He should be paying them.”

Raptors President Masai Ujiri says he’s staying in Toronto.
“I love it here. My family loves it here. My wife loves it here, which is very important. My kids are Canadians.”
And maybe it doesn’t matter, but he didn’t add, “and they don’t try to arrest me for joining the team floor celebration.”

As a former waitress I can say it wasn’t professional for a restaurant employee to spit on Eric Trump. Also as a former waitress I can say he’s lucky the employee spit on him and not in his food.

As media basically ignores Jean Carroll story your reminder that same media made it front page news when a woman said Joe Biden put his hands on her shoulders and smelled her hair.

Have to assume there are many more silent women Trump has sexually assaulted. If any of them look like Ivanka, i.e, his type, now might be the best time to come forward.

Trump on family separation, it was Obama’s policy  –  “I was the one who ended it.”  Sound familiar?   In 2016 also Donald Trump –  “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy.  I finished it.”


I’m not particularly religious. But if you have read Matthew 19:14, and still support Trump Camps, I don’t believe you can call yourself a Christian. Period.

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heave

Closer to goal-ed

June 24, 2019

US women’s team advances today against Spain 2-1 with both goals scored on penalty kicks – the second especially controversial.

Guess this is equality. We can now add Women’s World Cup 2019 to list of events where officials are part of the story.


NY Knicks got fined by NBA for not giving New York Daily News access tor post-draft news conference. Apparently ownership doesn’t like what Daily News writes about them. So are Knicks trying to become favorite NBA team of Donald Trump?

SF Giants are allowing Season Ticket Members to enter early on Friday to watch batting practice. Why, to give the team tips why it’s not working?

Or as another friend says “for tryouts?”

Well, even  though Drew Pomeranz got the 2-0 loss for SF Giants , who had him having a better night on the mound than Clayton Kershaw?   (Kershaw gave up 4 runs in first two innings, including a home run to Zack Greinke.)


Bo Jackson was trending  today.   Twitter really needs a “they’re not dead” emoji when  celebrities start trending.

Not sure how I feel about reparations. But Bill O’Reilly today on the possibility.  It “reinforces the radical belief that the United States was founded by racist white men who installed a system whereby white guys would run everything and blacks, women and others would be exploited.” When he’s right, he’s right.


A friend reminded me today that Anne Frank didn’t die in the gas chambers; she died of typhus, from conditions in the camps.

Trump is writing love letters to Kim Jong Un? Guessing he didn’t even write love letters when he was dating his wives.

So if Iran offered THE EXACT DEAL that Obama negotiated but offered to put Trump’s name on it….pretty sure Donald would sign and declare victory.

Guessing Jean Carroll and other Trump accusers would be happy to take a lie-detector test and settle this “He said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said…” controversy. How about Donald Trump?

And Trump says Carroll “wasn’t his type.”     What happens when a woman next accuses him who looks like Ivanka?


June 23, 2019

Okay SF Giants  fans, it could be worse ” – from ESPN NY Mets apologized after manager Mickey Callaway shouted profanities at a Newsday reporter in clubhouse Sunday & starting pitcher Jason Vargas challenged the reporter to a fight & had to be restrained from going after him.”


A woman is apparently okay after being hit by a foul ball in first inning of Rockies-Dodgers game today in Los Angeles.
Shocking…. there are fans in the Dodger Stadium stands in the first inning?

Meanwhile, in St Louis,  Angels had a 6-0 lead with no one on and two outs, two strikes in bottom of the ninth, and ended up winning 6-4 with the winning run at the plate.  Who did they think they were, the Nationals?

After LaVar Ball’s latest inappropriate comments ESPN says they have no plans to have him back. Gosh we’ll really miss him said nobody.


Joe Sestak becomes 25th contender to join the Democratic presidential primary.  Because what this race really needed was another white man.


Can you imagine what would happen if Democrats brought all the women who had accused Donald Trump of sexual assault to a debate? Besides the fire marshal complaining about over-capacity?

But seriously, if a woman accused Trump of rape and had a stained dress with his DNA on it, GOP would be screaming about “fake lab reports.”

Open reminder to Americans of both parties: As Trump tries to make immigration a Democratic problem, the Republicans controlled the Senate and House for two years and did nothing.

So how many big Trump donors called Donald in a panic thinking that ICE might arrest their employees Sunday?

Not sure what taxpayer cost would be to buy soap and toothbrushes for migrant children held in Trump’s camps. But guessing it’s probably less than cost of a weekend’s rental of a golf cart at one of his resorts.

Forever Giant?

June 21, 2019

Well, the Alex Dickerson era in SF is starting well

Meanwhile, in Oakland, A’s starter Frankie Montas has been suspended 80 games for PEDs.   Montas stated -“I unfortunately and unknowingly ingested a contaminated supplement that I had purchased over the counter at a nutrition store here in the United States.”
Uh, if you play major league sports in US, especially at current salaries, why would you ingest so much as a cough drop over-the-counter without asking team doctors?

Michigan 15, Texas Tech 3. So are they playing pre-season football concurrently with College World Series or what?

As a San Antonio Spurs fan got to love these  two “NBA experts”  draft pick descriptions

1.”the G-League will probably be his mainstay….this one is a bit of a head-scratcher. Grade: D
2. “Leave it to the Spurs to get one of the best second round steals “Grade: A

And here’s the capper. These two experts are talking about the same pick.

But meanwhile newly drafted Quinndary Weatherspoon might have one of the best NBA player names ever.


Clarence Thomas is to other black people, as Phyllis Schlafly was to other women.

Does anyone really think that Trump, who has eliminated safety regulations for workplaces, food, water, air and even nuclear facilities, would have stepped back from brink of war because 150 people would have died?

Of course, if he did start a war it probably would have meant cancelling this weekend’s golf games. #priorities.

Trump seems so focused on getting a Nobel Peace Prize? Could we offer him one for resigning?


What do you give a woman who already has a lifetime supply of burnt facts for her eyeliner? A bottle of crocodile tears for moisturizer?

Serious age and treachery

June 20, 2019

Mets will name 82-yr-old Phil Regan as their new pitching coach. Makes a certain amount of sense, to be Mets pitching coach this year you need a short memory.

(as my friend Lee Rubin says “well, that walk to the mound should give the relievers plenty of time to get warmed up.)


All snark aside, Zion Williamson seems like a very nice young man.

Rumors today that Kawhi Leonard might be interested in signing with the Knicks. Probably fake news, but if so would have to figure maybe Leonard took advantage of certain liberal Canadian “smoking” laws.

In 2019, NFL coaches will be able to challenge pass interference calls or no-calls up until the two-minute warning of either half. In the final two minutes of each half and in overtime, on-site replay officials will be responsible for stopping the game to review pass interference, as they are for all other reviewable plays.
Well Saints be praised.

San Francisco is getting its second Four Seasons next year. Well, that ought to help with the city’s image of becoming just a place for rich people.

A Taco Bell hotel is opening in Palm Springs this summer. I hope they have good plumbing.

Wait a minute, GOP is attacking Hunter Biden because of a messy personal life and business deals in countries his father has visited? And once again The Onion is going “We give up.”

NY Times asked Democratic candidates their favorite comfort food. Kamala Harris said “french fries”, Amy Klobluchar – “baked potato,” Elizabeth Warren – ‘chips and guacamole.”
Kirsten Gillebrand – “whiskey.”
Have never liked Senator Gillebrand more.

Okay maybe, it’s sexist, but anyone but me surprised none of the women running for President said their favorite comfort food was chocolate?

Elizabeth Warren is the latest Democrat to announce that she is “open” to decriminalizing sex work.
Republicans on the other hand still view prostitution like abortion – only acceptable if you can sneakily pay for it.

Trump “Iran made a big mistake This drone was in international waters clearly, we have it all, it’s documented scientifically, not just words.”
Wait, I thought Trump didn’t believe in science?

Who knew saber rattling would have consequences. “Given current events in Iran, United Airlines has conducted a thorough safety and security review of our India service through Iranian airspace and decided to suspend our service between New York/Newark and Mumbai beginning this evening.”
#WagTheDog #WagThePersianCat

Watching Trump play “chicken” war games with Iraq makes me wish he’d start spending more time on the golf course.

Heck to pay.

June 20, 2019

With a broken nose and a black eye, Max Scherzer pitched 7 shutout innings to help lead the Washington Nationals to a 2-0 win over the Phillies.   Yeah, baseball players are SO soft….


If there’s a silver lining to SF Giants season it’s that the player they didn’t end up giving $300 million to is hitting .243 in Philadelphia.


While relationship between James Harden and Chris Paul has been called everything from “difficult” to “unsalvageable,” the Rockets are looking at adding temperamental star Jimmy Butler.
Would that make Houston the first NBA team with thermonuclear capability?

Prosecutor in Dominican Republic said gunman who shot David Ortiz was supposed to kill another man but misidentified Big Papi as the intended victim. Good thing his shooting accuracy was off too.

Rush Limbaugh says AOC may be addicted to attention with some of the things she says “I think she’s just having fun watching people blow up.”
Again, some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Joe Biden dropped in at Stonewall Inn last night and bought patrons a round of drinks.
And unlike the Trump kids, he probably paid the bill too.

Donald Trump last night -US “air and water are the cleanest they’ve ever been.”
Today EPA got rid of Obama rule limiting carbon emissions standards for coal-fired power plants –which they admit will result in 1,400 more premature deaths by 2030.
Trump doesn’t need to stand in the middle of 5th Avenue to kill people

Trump said his administration is “close to” curing cancer. Yep. As close to curing cancer as he is to releasing his tax returns.

Trump is tweeting repeatedly about “acid washed” in connection with Hillary’s emails. How did he get so obsessed with the phrase “acid-washed.” Does it have something to do with Ivanka’s jeans?


From Washington Post today “here is something else worth noting. The top women running in the Democratic primary have something many of the male contenders lack: a perfect electoral record. Warren and her Senate colleagues Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala D. Harris and Amy Klobuchar have emerged the winner in every race they’ve undertaken.”

By a nose?

June 18, 2019


Max Scherzer was doing casual batting practice in a t-shirt, sunglasses and shorts, when he bunted a ball off his face and broke his nose.
So just for one day, the most embarrassing thing to happen to the Washington Nationals pitching staff did not involve their bullpen.

ESPN condemned LaVar Ball for a risque and “inappropriate” comment made to First Take host Molly Qerim Rose yesterday.
But why does ESPN have LaVar Ball on at all?

Seriously? A hotel in Boston has a $25 facility fee (since they can’t call it a “resort fee.” One of the things included “Quick and easy e-checkout via the guestroom TV.”
Uh, so you are paying extra not to wait in line to talk to a human?

Federal authorities seized about 16.5 TONS of cocaine from ship at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia, one of the largest drug busts in the state’s history.  So clearly walls work. No wait.  A ship.  Never mind.


Mitch McConnell today – “We’ve tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We elected an African American president.”
Uh, sorry, electing Obama didn’t make up for slavery. For that matter, electing McConnell doesn’t make up for what we’ve done to the population of sea turtles.

GOP loves to attack Democrats for “socialism.” But what exactly do they call a $16 billion giveaway to farmers because of tariffs?


Trump knew about domestic violence allegations against Shanahan but didn’t consider them important. And acting Defense Secretary had made his views known about USS John McCain a couple weeks ago. So what was the tipping point. Did Shanahan cough in a meeting?

Wonder how many of the people who took the day to stand in line for Trump’s rally in Orlando and scream about Democrats and socialism are themselves on Medicare/Medicaid, disability and/or social security?

Trump won 37.5% of Orange County in Florida, where Orlando is located. Recent poll showed his approval rating in the city at 29%. And that was before thousands of people got stuck in traffic today and/or had their flights delayed due to Air Force One arrival.

Keeping score.

June 17, 2019

Headline in USA Today and Golf Week “Tiger Woods fights off another ‘crappy’ start, finishes on a high note at U.S. Open.” Gosh, did anyone actually win the tournament?

(And again, is there any less effective and more stupid sounding yell in sports than golf fans screaming at the ball “get in the hole”? )

Trump congratulated Gary Woodland on US Open victory. But crickets on NBA finals, US Women’s National Soccer big wins and Stanley Cup (won by mostly Canadian St. Louis Blues). I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

US Women’s team beat Chile 3-0. Waiting for all the haters who complained about the 13-0 win over Thailand now to say the women’s team is slipping.


1.5 million people at Raptors. championship parade today in Toronto.   Now we KNOW Trump won’t congratulate NBA champions.  First they take the trophy out of the US.  Next they get a bigger crowd than he did at his inaugural.

For all that Trump is touting filling 20,000 seat Amway Center for his re-election announcement rally, he does know Gators and Seminoles get about 4 times that many for random football games.

Trump praises Florida governor Ron DeSantis for signing bill banning sanctuary cities. Does this mean we can someday extradite Donald from Mar-A-Lago?


Egypt’s former president, Mohammed Morsi collapsed in court during a trial and died. Were they serving him Russian tea in prison?



Trump tweets that “Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States” Starting with the young European women who overstay their visas in hopes of finding rich old husbands?

Trump now sending 1,000 troops to Middle East. Can he send one of his sons to lead them or are bone spurs hereditary.

OJ Simpson getting on Twitter 25 years after murders of his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman didn’t seem like a great idea. Bill Cosby – “Hold my beer.”

Too heavy medal?

June 15, 2019

Tiger Woods is 10 shots back after 3 rounds of the US Open. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Unlike last year with Trump, guessing if Justin Trudeau decides to be extra-gracious and also invite the Warriors to meet him for their NBA finals effort, Golden State might actually accept.

Don’t look know, but SF Giants are suddenly doing an imitation of a very good baseball team.

And who’d a thunk that so far,  Giants are having a much better June than the Warriors.

Baseball is a funny game. Wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten in Vegas on SF Giants catcher Stephen Vogt having two stand-up triples… in one game.

United Airlines just issued a travel waiver – “We are experiencing flight disruptions at Newark (EWR) due to runway closures related to an earlier incident with a disabled aircraft on the runway.”
For some reason the waiver doesn’t say it was a UNITED plane that blew out tires on landing and skidded off the runway.

Texas bride found out hair & makeup artist was gay; told her she no longer wanted to hire her because she was a “sinner.” Hope Bridezilla has decided to do her own hair for rest of her life. (And she might not want to fly commercially or stay in any hotels on her honeymoon.)

White House pulls an Obama rule that would require two-member crew in locomotives.  Well, heck, why doesn’t Donald pull the co-pilot in Air Force One to prove his point.

So did Trump compare Melania to Jackie because he wants her also to look the other way while he has White House affairs?


OJ Simpson’s first tweet was a video ending “I’ve got a little getting even to do.” Could have been worse. He could have just posted a music video of ‘The first cut is the deepest.”

So how long until Trump tries to replace Chris Wray as head of FBI with OJ Simpson and says he is confident OJ will find the real colluders.

Changing seasons

June 14, 2019

Long NBA season is finally over. So presume the preseason starts next week?

Well played Jeremy Lin, well played. Jeremy Lin
On Twitter. @JLin7

“Having lived in Toronto last 4 months, Ive seen by far more @DeMar_DeRozan jerseys than anyone else. Dont rly know Demar personally but the positive impact he had is so obvious. Hope he gets credit for laying the foundation and paving the way! #thankyouDemar”

It’s 100 degrees in Las Vegas, and in some sportsbooks Lakers are favorites to win 2020 NBA championship.
Need any more proof that excessive heat can cause brain damage?

Thinking back, of the Golden State Warriors, wasn’t Steph Curry supposed to be the fragile one who was one step away from a season-ending injury?

Tiger Woods has, barely, made the cut for U.S. Open. So maybe everything Trump touches doesn’t die. But Woods after his medal is certainly drooping a bit.

Watching Will Smith play for SF is bittersweet. Best closer Giants have had in years…. and they almost certainly need to trade him.

Noticing some people say they won’t watch a Democratic Debate until the field gets winnowed down. Uh, the debates ARE a large part of how the field gets winnowed down.
If you don’t watch, even if on tape-delay, don’t bitch about the choices you end up with.

Trump wants to change Air Force One to look like his private plane even though baby blue was “Jackie O.” He add “We have a new Jackie O. It’s called Melania.”
Well, calling his wife “It” should remove any worries that Trump objectifies women.

Also, I was a very young child at the time, guess that’s why I don’t remember Jackie O posing naked?

Trump just called into Fox News over his statement that of course he’d take foreign dirt on a opponent ” now saying he would “look at it (to determine) if it’s bad.”
“if I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated I’d report to the FBI or law enforcement, absolutely.”
I liked “pushed into a lifeboat better.”

Also Trump now saying his former White House counsel Don McGahn lied about Donald repeatedly telling him to fire Mueller.
Amazing again, just how many people have to be lying for Trump to be telling the truth.

Wheee… the north

June 13, 2019


Jeremy Lin gets a ring! The pride of Palo Alto High School.

“Stanley Cup? What Stanley Cup?”
Everyone in Canada.

One of the more amazing details about Raptors NBA Championship team…. not a single player was a lottery pick.

How ironic is it? Kawhi Leonard, who took so much heat last year for deciding he wasn’t healthy enough to play, becomes NBA Finals MVP, while last year’s Finals MVP maybe comes back a little too early and ruptures his Achilles.



Toronto Maple Leafs won Stanley Cup in 1967. In 1993, 26 years later Blue Jays won World Series. Now in 2019, 26 years later again, Raptors win NBA Finals
So good news for Leafs fans, guess this means another championship is coming in 2045! (Unless Toronto gets NFL franchise.)

So did Donald Trump basically just say that if any foreign governments have a copy of the pee tape they should give it to a Democratic Presidential candidate?

FEC chair Ellen Weintraub tweeted today “”I would not have thought that I needed to say this. Let me make something 100 percent clear to the American public and anyone running for public office: It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election.”
Waiting for Trump to abolish the Federal Elections Commission.

Following candidates did not make 1st Democratic Presidential debate roster:
Steve Bullock, governor of Montana
Mike Gravel, former senator from Alaska
Wayne Messam, mayor of Miramar, Florida
Seth Moulton, congressman from Massachusetts
This must be a real blow to all their supporters – both of them.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for attack on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Saying “this assessment is based on intelligence…”
Wait, the same intelligence agencies that Trump slams regularly? This is SO confusing.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has resigned. So she’s stored up a lifetime supply of burnt facts for her eyeliner?

Sarah Sanders hopes people remember her as being “transparent and honest”
Donald Trump hopes people remember him as being 6’3″, 230 pounds.

Trump today announced “Second Chance Hiring” – “vital new actions that we are taking to help former inmates find a job, live a crime-free life, and succeed beyond their dreams….”
So who says Donald doesn’t care about former members of his administration?

Silver or bronze linings

June 13, 2019

Mediocrity has some advantages. At least the U.S. men’s soccer team is unlikely ever to face criticism over celebrating too much for a rout.

St. Louis Blues, an expansion team in 1967, had never won a Stanley Cup, and the last championship for the city was 2011 Cardinals.
Meanwhile in Boston the city has now experienced a championship drought of about four whole months.

So who writes these “trends for you” Twitter headlines. Tonight – “Blues vs. Bruins: St. Louis wins their first-ever Stanley Cup after a Game 7 thriller”
Uh, “thriller?” Game 7, a 4-1 victory,  ended up only slightly less dramatic at the end than US women’s victory over Thailand.

Fox News website headline on KD today “Warriors star undergoes surgery after Game 5 injury, won’t return to NBA Finals.”
So Fox thinks “Won’t return to NBA finals” is news?
Guess they expects their readers pay as much attention to Game 5 as they do to political reality.

Kevin Durant confirms ruptured Achilles tendon.
And even if Kawhi Leonard actually talked, he doesn’t need to say anything about ignoring those who said he should have come back last year.

In Bears minicamp yesterday all three kickers attempted 42-yd field goals in front of the entire team. All three missed.
Maybe the 2019 Chicago Bears should just make a plan always to go for it on fourth down inside the 50?

Anthony Davis’ agent compared the Lakers to Jennifer Lopez.
Insert “big ass” joke here.

Trump asked by George Stephanopoulos if his 2020 campaign would accept information from foreigners on his opponent.
“It’s not an interference, they have information — I think I’d take it… It’s called oppo research.”

The political equivalent of saying he’d shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue.
Waiting on the GOP outrage…

Melania Trump’s solution to the opioid crisis – “Love yourself more than you love drugs.”
Whoever thought we’d miss “Just say no”?

This story worth retelling as Trump says, sure, he’d take information “oppo research” against a 2020 opponent from a foreign government:
In 1994, Dianne Feinstein was in a close race for her Senate seat with wealthy Republican Michael Huffington. As Dianne confirmed, her campaign heard he was a closeted gay man, at a time when this would have been much more damaging than now. But they said nothing. Feinstein “It wasn’t germane to the campaign. “For me, if I have to do things like that, I shouldn’t be running.”

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan was asked by Amy Klobuchar if he had been asked by White House to break the law.
“No, no one has asked me to do anything illegal.”
Maybe what Amy should have asked “Did the White House ORDER you to break the law?”


The full diary quote “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.”
Anne Frank.

America’s real team?

June 11, 2019

Not a big soccer fan but checked in on USWNT  vs Thailand, and wait.. .when did women’s soccer start allowing touchdowns?

13-0!? Trump would take credit for the victory if he had any idea that the U.S Women’s National Team existed.

A friend sent a screen shot of a Miami bar offering free shots for every goal.  Hope there weren’t too many cases of alcohol poisoning.



SF Giants just scored 3 runs in the 4th. And then 3 runs again in the 4th. Either that or I am hallucinating in the heat.

I’m as guilty of it as anyone, but when we talk about sports adversity, think most fan bases only remember, or like to talk about, the big games where THEIR star gets hurt.


So how many of the pundits blaming Warriors for pushing Kevin Durant to play, are same pundits who were calling Durant soft or more focused on free agency than his team?

What’s more obnoxious, some number of Toronto fans cheering when Kevin Durant went down. Or the next day many of NY media making it sound like a tragedy… for the Knicks?

(for those not following this drama, NY media has long considered Knicks the frontrunners to sign KD this offseason.)

If Kawhi Leonard actually talked have to wonder what he would say now to all those pundits who insisted he was dogging it last year by not returning in the postseason with his injury.


Ten candidates have now joined race to fill Theresa May’s role as leader of Britain’s Conservative party.
U.S. Democratic party response – “amateurs.”

Ethanol 15, which Trump just approved for year-round use, is not only bad for environment, it competes with regular oil.
Wait until someone reminds Donald that Texas has more electoral votes than Iowa.


 I will continue to joke, but could post something I dislike daily about every single Democratic candidate running in 2020.
But what I HATE is the idea of another Democratic circular firing squad.

In the meantime, confused, about the procedure for 20 Democrats in the first debates. So who decides who gets the first impression rose?

Boys of almost summer.

June 11, 2019

So yes, the NBA finals will finish after the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And then does the NBA preseason start next week?


Nick Nurse stopping play after Raptors grabbed a 6 point lead AND momentum with 3 minutes to play might turn out to be worst time-out call since Chris Webber.

While it would be sad indeed if Durant tore his Achilles, if you were watching Bob Myers press conference about Kevin Durant, if you were watching without knowing what happened you’d think somebody died.

Giants decided not to make mood of many Bay Area fans worse tonight by taking an off day.

But a belated thought about Bumgarner on Sunday. If you believe baseball should let players show emotion with a bat flip or whatever when they get a hit, then shouldn’t you also allow pitchers to show emotion when they are angry when their pitches get hit?  (Just my opinion, better to scream at a guy than hit him with a pitch next time… which, Bob Gibson, for example, would have done.)

Since Trump ignores NBA, Pelosi and Trudeau made a bet on finals. Canadian trash talking from Justin – ““The Raptors are making history and they aren’t done yet. We’re going all the way, Canada. Ghirardelli chocolates and a glass of California wine are going to pair nicely with the Raptors’ first NBA title.”


Trump tweeted congratulations to 2019 Indy 500 winner. Barack Obama tweeted best wishes to David Ortiz, recovering from being shot last night. I miss having a President.

Still crickets from Trump on David Ortiz shooting, but he did congratulate the 2019 Indy 500 winner.
And you do get the sense if Tom Brady had so much as a bad cold…

A man arrested with cocaine in his nostrils this weekend told police the coke wasn’t his.
Back on your game, Florida.

“Tiger Mom” author Amy Chua fiercely defended Brett Kavanaugh at the time of his nomination last year. Today, her daughter was named a Supreme Court clerk for Brett Kavanaugh. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The oak tree planted by Trump and Macron on White House grounds to symbolize USA- France friendship has died. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Considering how much attention media paid on Monday to the accident, have to figure next time Donald Trump needs a distraction he’s going to tell someone to crash another helicopter in New York

Trump is upset that John Dean was testifying, saying he is a “paid CNN contributor. ”
So only “paid contributors” who are allowed to testify before Congress must work for State TV aka Fox News?


Somewhat heretical, but why do we give so much power in choosing a Presidential candidate to a state that has elected Steve King?

Approaching game 5

June 10, 2019


Didn’t  most people think going in that game five of NBA finals tomorrow in Toronto might well be a potential close-out game?

And who’s going to be the first sportscaster to say Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 between Blues and Bruins is “win or go home?”

Over 13,000 fans showed up in Starkville, MS to see Mississippi State beat Stanford tonight in College Baseball Super Regional.
In other words, a Rays and Marlins crowd put together.

Nationals hit 4 consecutive home runs in the 8th inning today. Amazing feat especially since they don’t have benefit of hitting against their own bullpen.

Really sucks that David Ortiz was shot Sunday night, though he appears to be in stable condition.   It is nice, however, that even Yankees fans were wishing him well on social media.  #WeCanAllGetAlong

Meanwhile, Tony Joiner, former Florida Gators football captain and teammate with Aaron Hernandez was arrested yesterday for murdering his wife in 2016. Another of Urban Meyer’s finest.

Yeah, okay, clearly not much of a regular hockey fan at this point, but didn’t realize St. Louis Blues are led by an interim coach?!!
Craig Berube was given that title when team fired Mike Yeo after 7-8-3 record to start in Nov. 2018
Just guessing Berube has earned dropping that “interim” from his title.

Just guessing Trump won’t be congratulating Bryan Cranston on his Tony tonight ” – “I would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world….. who are in the line of fire. The media is not the enemy of the people. Demagoguery is the enemy of the people.”

Trump retweeting bunch of tweets from MAY 9 to congratulate himself about Gilead donating some HIV medication. Which might offset a fraction of lives that will be lost with Donald’s decision to strip federal funding from fetal tissue research.



So if this Trump deal with Mexico and immigration is so good, why do we need a wall? Asking for a country with better things to spend money on.

Trump seems obsessed with a day all about him. Can we offer to declare a National Holiday on the day he resigns?


Since Trump basically took back threat of tariffs because of actions Mexico had agreed to months ago can we call this whole episode “Wag the Chihuahua?

Quadruple crown.

June 9, 2019

Or rather, is this the first time in history four horses have won the three races of the Triple Crown?

In retrospect, amazed on D-Day 75th anniversary week that there wasn’t more sentimental betting on Sir Winston.

Someone asked on TV if Sir Winston knows he won. Anyone who’s ever ridden a competitive minded horse  – or pony – even on a trail ride, knows horses who choose to finish first ALWAYS know they’ve “won.”

The field at Memorial Coliseum will be renamed United Airlines field.  As if USC didn’t already have enough problems getting their football program off the ground.

Random thought, one-time Palo Alto High School star Jeremy Lin is one win away from an NBA Championship ring.


Texas A&M’s DB Derrick Tucker was arrested over an incident where he allegedly assaulted a man over a disagreement about tacos. If only he were armed?

Since women in Missouri now need a pelvic exam to have an abortion, surely the state should also require at minimum a prostate exam for men to get Viagra.

Milo Yiannopoulos has been named the grand marshal for Boston’s “Straight Pride” parade.
That moment you don’t know if it’s news or #TheOnion


Trump says his new deal with Mexico will “reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. ”
Who’s going to tell him that during his next crisis this means he can’t invent another caravan?

Mother Jones calls Trump’s deal with Mexico a “Nothing Burger.

Don’t they mean a “nothing berder?”

Anyone else think that under Trump the USA is now suffering because of MSBP (Munchausen syndrome by proxy?)

Republicans are demanding during House obstruction of justice hearings starting Monday that Democrats not say mean things about Trump or call him a liar.
So when is GOP changing their mascot from an elephant to a snowflake?


On a lighter note, if you’ve lost track of number of times you’ve watched “When Harry Met Sally,” I heartily recommend “Always Be My Maybe.”

Raptured in Toronto?

June 7, 2019

“Stanley Cup, what Stanley Cup?”


Raptors guard Fred VanVleet might have lost a tooth colliding with Shaun Livington tonight. Canadian healthcare doesn’t cover dentist visits but just guessing VanVleet won’t ever have to pay for dental work in Toronto ever again.


So will Zaza retroactively be named MVP for Warriors in their 2017 NBA Championship season.

Baseball is a funny game. So who had Drew Pomeranz, same guy who lost a 5-0 lead in top of 1st by giving up SIX runs in bottom of inning to worst in baseball Baltimore Orioles, pitching six scoreless innings against Clayton Kershaw to help lead SF Giants to 2-1 win over LA Dodgers?

Seattle Mariners CF Mitch Haniger on 10-day injured list after hitting himself with a foul ball and suffering a ruptured testicle.
As a woman I can dispassionately say “That sounds painful.”
Guessing men will have a slightly more visceral reaction.


Amy Klobuchar points out that Trump is selling Pride merchandise on his website while he won’t let embassies fly the Pride flag. Donald also hates pets, but it doesn’t stop him selling collars and dog sweaters.

Truly amazing that same POTUS who won’t allow embassies to fly rainbow flag has so many other GOP men kissing his ass. #PrideMonth

Trump tweet referencing “Mars of which the Moon is a part.”

So the “stable genius” knows astronomy too.

To be fair, does anyone really want NASA to go to the Moon right now?  Donald would probably order them to plant a Trump sign next to American flag.

So the next time teachers assign a science project to draw or model the galaxy, in red states will they have to make our moon part of Mars?

Trump has ended his own manufactured crisis by saying Mexico will stop most illegal immigration and so he won’t implement tariffs. Uh oh, how’s he going to use the caravan excuse next time?

Trump not only had nasty partisan interview with Laura Ingraham in front of American Cemetery in Normandy, he doubled down on it by posting video of it with graves clearly visible on Twitter. Where’s the outrage, especially from Veterans?

Serious spitballing here. With all the possible permutations in 2020, why aren’t we talking about the possibility of two women on the Democratic ticket?