How upset must Trump be that Megan Rapinoe got first goal for USWNT today?

How upset must Trump be that Megan Rapinoe got SECOND goal for USNWT today?


Some opined that Megan Rapinoe should have not engaged with Donald Trump but rather focused on World Cup matches.
Does this mean if she had ignored Donald she might have scored four goals?

And okay, off-color trigger warning here but… Another thought on Megan’s “f*cking” White House” comment. Looking at first couple’s body language, unless Donald is sneaking in interns or something, pretty sure there’s no f*cking going on in the White House.

Yankees and Red Sox are playing a weekend series in London, England. Good to see MLB send over two good teams who really need the exposure.

For the game between Red Sox and Yankees in London, Winston Churchill, Freddie Mercury, King Henry VIII and the Loch Ness Monster will race around the warning track.
Hmm, maybe SF Giants need to have a race between innings to liven things up. Crazy Crab, an Irish Coffee, a sourdough loaf, a garlic fry?

Headline that actress Lori Loughlin reportedly regrets not taking the plea deal in the college bribery scandal, and “feels very much alone.”‘

Thoughts and prayers.

Chris Matthews asked Kamala Harris “How do you not hate white people?”
It must have been so tempting to respond “I don’t hate white people. I do, however, intensely dislike stupid people.”

Can anyone imagine if a Democratic Presidential candidate joked with say, Justin Trudeau or Angela Merkel about meddling in the 2020 election?

Trump’s head of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli blamed that immigrant father for killing himself and his daughter.
So I assume Ken thinks those who died at the Berlin Wall deserved it too?

Betsy DeVos rescinding an Obama-era rule created to protect students from abusive for-profit colleges.
Has this administration ever met an abuser they didn’t like?

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3 Comments on “Goal’ed”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    a record collector has recently found the holy grail: the only copy of Sgt. Pepper featuring all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on the cover.*

    * (except Steve Bullock)

  2. jeff herbst Says:

    maybe someone should ask Herr Trump if Megan Rapinoe is his type? Knowing the Donald, he would have an answer, would be interesting to hear the response…….

  3. jeff r herbst Says:

    Hi LCSB, how about a shout out to SDSU?

    I realize bay area fans hate LA teams but are ambivalent to those in San Diego…..As an alumnus, how cool is it that we produced the MVP of the last NBA playoffs (Kawhi), followed by Strasburg in the WS?! jeff

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