Not quite cricket.

Last I looked, London was at sea-level.    So with 50 runs scored in two games what did MLB do… instead of regular baseballs use painted balls from Wimbledon?


There are a lot of baseball terms the British don’t know. After this weekend they will think “bullpens” mean pitchers who are brought in when there hasn’t been enough scoring.

And Joe Buck was announcing Red Sox Yankees game in London.   Sorry England. America wasn’t sending our best.


Will Knicks now officially change their name to “chopped liver?

How bad is NBA free agency going for the Knicks? Even the Mets are feeling sympathetic.


Washington Redskins fans have long thought in Dan Snyder they have the worst owner in sports. New York Knicks fans watching Jim Dolan “Hold our overpriced beer.”

So for 2019-2020 season who’s going to sponsor the NBA uniform patch that says “Hi, my name is…?”


New study finds about 1/5 of US adults “have experienced some form of harm due to someone else’s behavior while drinking.” Not to make light of alcoholism which is a serious problem. But how many adults have avoided harm because someone was able to relax with a glass of wine?. Asking for a lot of women.

Some conservatives last weekend using Ellis Island as an example of the way immigrants SHOULD try to come to US.   Ellis Island  had a 98% percent acceptance rate – yet more proof that education causes Democrats.

Only in San Francisco can the Pride Parade be temporarily blocked by protesters from the left.



Meanwhile headline for Trump fundraising email today. “We don’t have much time left.”
Well, we can certainly hope anyway.

Donald Trump “didn’t expect” this last minute meeting with Kim Jong Un to take place like a girl with her sights on a prom date “didn’t expect” to run into a boy at school after lurking near his locker for days.

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