Numbers game.

Lebron James is giving up his Lakers jersey number #23 for Anthony Davis, who has worn the number since high school.    Which is a nice gesture.  And whether James goes back to the #6 he wore with Miami Heat or another number indeed, am sure the thought of new jersey sales never entered his mind…


Meanwhile, in Womens World Cup 2019, who knew that England might actually be good at soccer?

SF Giants have a charity online auction going on, one of the items is a session with the team’s hitting coach.  Alas, some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Meanwhile, apparently Giancarlo Stanton is now out until August. A shame, as this year the Yankees really have been missing his power….

Matt Gaetz says he will press charges against person who threw a drink at him earlier this month, to “send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views — just like anybody else.”
So waiting for Gaetz to defend Megan Rapinoe’s right to remain captain of US Women’s soccer team because she too has a right to her views.

“America doesn’t want to watch a food fight. They want to know how we’ll put food on the table”. Score one for Kamala Harris.


Upon further reflection, considering what TV shows are popular these days, maybe America DOES want to see a candidate food fight.

Anyone who thinks they can delay the 2020 census also thinks they can delay the 2020 election.

Several Democratic Presidential candidates visited the Homestead Children’s Detention Center before their debates.  You know who HASN’T visited the Homestead facility? Donald Trump.  Although it’s less than 2 hours from Mar-A-Lago.

Guess it’s too hot for him to play golf afterwards.

Trump didn’t respond last night to Kobluchar’s line about not doing foreign policy at 5 am in one’s bathrobe. Wonder if on Air Force One he WAS in his bathrobe?

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