Streaking and staging

NY Yankees have now hit home runs in 28 straight games. Well, at least SF Giants have hit home runs in 28 straight weeks.

Kevin Durant declined his $31.5 million player option and will become an unrestricted free agent. Even before his injury, Durant was frustrated with the nonstop media attention. Fortunately he won’t have to deal with much of that if he goes to New York.

Now Trump says he’s a big fan of US women’s soccer team. So how come he didn’t mention a thing about Women’s World Cup  until Megan Rapinoe said she wouldn’t go to the “f*cking White House?”

But while sniping back at Megan Rapinoe, Trump invited US women’s soccer team to White House “win or lose.” Maybe he needs an excuse to order a new stash of fast food?

Fox News’ Stuart Varney said Megan Rapinoe should be fired as US Women’s Soccer team captain for criticizing Trump.

Wait until Varney finds out who’s coaching the US Men’s national basketball team… Gregg Popovich.

I miss the times when Kim Kardashian trying to trademark Kimono would have been most outrageous news of the day.


Rep. Justin Amash just crossed party lines to vote in favor of authorizing subpoena for Kellyanne Conway.   Gosh. Almost as if he escaped from a cult.

Democratic debates started  tonight. Talk about crowded. There will be almost a total of almost as many people on stage as women who have accused Trump of sexual assault.

One thing for sure, no matter who you like in Democratic Debates – nobody likes insurance companies.

So if we don’t give a few of these guys a rose can we put them in a limo and send them home?

One debate takeaway – men shout a lot.

Kobluchar chided Inslee about reproductive rights, Gabbard corrected Ryan about 9-11. Men interrupted a lot. But on the whole, a debate without attacks and petty insults. What a concept.


“I don’t think we should conduct foreign policy in our bathrobe at five in the morning.” For that alone I will donate to Amy Klobuchar

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