Forever Giant?

Well, the Alex Dickerson era in SF is starting well

Meanwhile, in Oakland, A’s starter Frankie Montas has been suspended 80 games for PEDs.   Montas stated -“I unfortunately and unknowingly ingested a contaminated supplement that I had purchased over the counter at a nutrition store here in the United States.”
Uh, if you play major league sports in US, especially at current salaries, why would you ingest so much as a cough drop over-the-counter without asking team doctors?

Michigan 15, Texas Tech 3. So are they playing pre-season football concurrently with College World Series or what?

As a San Antonio Spurs fan got to love these  two “NBA experts”  draft pick descriptions

1.”the G-League will probably be his mainstay….this one is a bit of a head-scratcher. Grade: D
2. “Leave it to the Spurs to get one of the best second round steals “Grade: A

And here’s the capper. These two experts are talking about the same pick.

But meanwhile newly drafted Quinndary Weatherspoon might have one of the best NBA player names ever.


Clarence Thomas is to other black people, as Phyllis Schlafly was to other women.

Does anyone really think that Trump, who has eliminated safety regulations for workplaces, food, water, air and even nuclear facilities, would have stepped back from brink of war because 150 people would have died?

Of course, if he did start a war it probably would have meant cancelling this weekend’s golf games. #priorities.

Trump seems so focused on getting a Nobel Peace Prize? Could we offer him one for resigning?


What do you give a woman who already has a lifetime supply of burnt facts for her eyeliner? A bottle of crocodile tears for moisturizer?

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