Serious age and treachery

Mets will name 82-yr-old Phil Regan as their new pitching coach. Makes a certain amount of sense, to be Mets pitching coach this year you need a short memory.

(as my friend Lee Rubin says “well, that walk to the mound should give the relievers plenty of time to get warmed up.)


All snark aside, Zion Williamson seems like a very nice young man.

Rumors today that Kawhi Leonard might be interested in signing with the Knicks. Probably fake news, but if so would have to figure maybe Leonard took advantage of certain liberal Canadian “smoking” laws.

In 2019, NFL coaches will be able to challenge pass interference calls or no-calls up until the two-minute warning of either half. In the final two minutes of each half and in overtime, on-site replay officials will be responsible for stopping the game to review pass interference, as they are for all other reviewable plays.
Well Saints be praised.

San Francisco is getting its second Four Seasons next year. Well, that ought to help with the city’s image of becoming just a place for rich people.

A Taco Bell hotel is opening in Palm Springs this summer. I hope they have good plumbing.

Wait a minute, GOP is attacking Hunter Biden because of a messy personal life and business deals in countries his father has visited? And once again The Onion is going “We give up.”

NY Times asked Democratic candidates their favorite comfort food. Kamala Harris said “french fries”, Amy Klobluchar – “baked potato,” Elizabeth Warren – ‘chips and guacamole.”
Kirsten Gillebrand – “whiskey.”
Have never liked Senator Gillebrand more.

Okay maybe, it’s sexist, but anyone but me surprised none of the women running for President said their favorite comfort food was chocolate?

Elizabeth Warren is the latest Democrat to announce that she is “open” to decriminalizing sex work.
Republicans on the other hand still view prostitution like abortion – only acceptable if you can sneakily pay for it.

Trump “Iran made a big mistake This drone was in international waters clearly, we have it all, it’s documented scientifically, not just words.”
Wait, I thought Trump didn’t believe in science?

Who knew saber rattling would have consequences. “Given current events in Iran, United Airlines has conducted a thorough safety and security review of our India service through Iranian airspace and decided to suspend our service between New York/Newark and Mumbai beginning this evening.”
#WagTheDog #WagThePersianCat

Watching Trump play “chicken” war games with Iraq makes me wish he’d start spending more time on the golf course.

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2 Comments on “Serious age and treachery”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Trumpty Dumpty just said the drone that was shot down by Iran WASN’T MANNED!!!! Next he’s gonna say it was in the air. hahahaha

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    The NY Mets have named Jeremy Accardo their new Pitching Strategist. And what a brilliant baseball mind. In fact, a hot mic in the bullpen picked up this piece of advice he gave struggling reliever Chris Flexen: “pray for rain”

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