Heck to pay.

With a broken nose and a black eye, Max Scherzer pitched 7 shutout innings to help lead the Washington Nationals to a 2-0 win over the Phillies.   Yeah, baseball players are SO soft….


If there’s a silver lining to SF Giants season it’s that the player they didn’t end up giving $300 million to is hitting .243 in Philadelphia.


While relationship between James Harden and Chris Paul has been called everything from “difficult” to “unsalvageable,” the Rockets are looking at adding temperamental star Jimmy Butler.
Would that make Houston the first NBA team with thermonuclear capability?

Prosecutor in Dominican Republic said gunman who shot David Ortiz was supposed to kill another man but misidentified Big Papi as the intended victim. Good thing his shooting accuracy was off too.

Rush Limbaugh says AOC may be addicted to attention with some of the things she says “I think she’s just having fun watching people blow up.”
Again, some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Joe Biden dropped in at Stonewall Inn last night and bought patrons a round of drinks.
And unlike the Trump kids, he probably paid the bill too.

Donald Trump last night -US “air and water are the cleanest they’ve ever been.”
Today EPA got rid of Obama rule limiting carbon emissions standards for coal-fired power plants –which they admit will result in 1,400 more premature deaths by 2030.
Trump doesn’t need to stand in the middle of 5th Avenue to kill people

Trump said his administration is “close to” curing cancer. Yep. As close to curing cancer as he is to releasing his tax returns.

Trump is tweeting repeatedly about “acid washed” in connection with Hillary’s emails. How did he get so obsessed with the phrase “acid-washed.” Does it have something to do with Ivanka’s jeans?


From Washington Post today “here is something else worth noting. The top women running in the Democratic primary have something many of the male contenders lack: a perfect electoral record. Warren and her Senate colleagues Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala D. Harris and Amy Klobuchar have emerged the winner in every race they’ve undertaken.”

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5 Comments on “Heck to pay.”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Talk about landing on your feet: On Monday, Kyle Kashuv announced that Harvard had rescinded his acceptance because of his racist twitter posts,. And on Tuesday, he announced he had been offered a full scholarship to Trump University

  2. JC Says:

    I thought this was a sports column. There are plenty of political columns I could read, but I choose not to read any of them (Elephant or Donkey). I guess I will add this one to my list.

    • Yeah, it started out sports and i try for as much as sports as possible but these are crazy times. Hoping to go back to when politics isn’t 24-7 after november 2020. For what it’s worth, I put the sports stuff up front so you can stop reading as soon as you see the T word, if you want.

    • Btw, the “left coast” was always a reference to Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on California. 🙂

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