Okay SF Giants  fans, it could be worse ” – from ESPN NY Mets apologized after manager Mickey Callaway shouted profanities at a Newsday reporter in clubhouse Sunday & starting pitcher Jason Vargas challenged the reporter to a fight & had to be restrained from going after him.”


A woman is apparently okay after being hit by a foul ball in first inning of Rockies-Dodgers game today in Los Angeles.
Shocking…. there are fans in the Dodger Stadium stands in the first inning?

Meanwhile, in St Louis,  Angels had a 6-0 lead with no one on and two outs, two strikes in bottom of the ninth, and ended up winning 6-4 with the winning run at the plate.  Who did they think they were, the Nationals?

After LaVar Ball’s latest inappropriate comments ESPN says they have no plans to have him back. Gosh we’ll really miss him said nobody.


Joe Sestak becomes 25th contender to join the Democratic presidential primary.  Because what this race really needed was another white man.


Can you imagine what would happen if Democrats brought all the women who had accused Donald Trump of sexual assault to a debate? Besides the fire marshal complaining about over-capacity?

But seriously, if a woman accused Trump of rape and had a stained dress with his DNA on it, GOP would be screaming about “fake lab reports.”

Open reminder to Americans of both parties: As Trump tries to make immigration a Democratic problem, the Republicans controlled the Senate and House for two years and did nothing.

So how many big Trump donors called Donald in a panic thinking that ICE might arrest their employees Sunday?

Not sure what taxpayer cost would be to buy soap and toothbrushes for migrant children held in Trump’s camps. But guessing it’s probably less than cost of a weekend’s rental of a golf cart at one of his resorts.

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