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Approaching game 5

June 10, 2019


Didn’t  most people think going in that game five of NBA finals tomorrow in Toronto might well be a potential close-out game?

And who’s going to be the first sportscaster to say Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 between Blues and Bruins is “win or go home?”

Over 13,000 fans showed up in Starkville, MS to see Mississippi State beat Stanford tonight in College Baseball Super Regional.
In other words, a Rays and Marlins crowd put together.

Nationals hit 4 consecutive home runs in the 8th inning today. Amazing feat especially since they don’t have benefit of hitting against their own bullpen.

Really sucks that David Ortiz was shot Sunday night, though he appears to be in stable condition.   It is nice, however, that even Yankees fans were wishing him well on social media.  #WeCanAllGetAlong

Meanwhile, Tony Joiner, former Florida Gators football captain and teammate with Aaron Hernandez was arrested yesterday for murdering his wife in 2016. Another of Urban Meyer’s finest.

Yeah, okay, clearly not much of a regular hockey fan at this point, but didn’t realize St. Louis Blues are led by an interim coach?!!
Craig Berube was given that title when team fired Mike Yeo after 7-8-3 record to start in Nov. 2018
Just guessing Berube has earned dropping that “interim” from his title.

Just guessing Trump won’t be congratulating Bryan Cranston on his Tony tonight ” – “I would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world….. who are in the line of fire. The media is not the enemy of the people. Demagoguery is the enemy of the people.”

Trump retweeting bunch of tweets from MAY 9 to congratulate himself about Gilead donating some HIV medication. Which might offset a fraction of lives that will be lost with Donald’s decision to strip federal funding from fetal tissue research.



So if this Trump deal with Mexico and immigration is so good, why do we need a wall? Asking for a country with better things to spend money on.

Trump seems obsessed with a day all about him. Can we offer to declare a National Holiday on the day he resigns?


Since Trump basically took back threat of tariffs because of actions Mexico had agreed to months ago can we call this whole episode “Wag the Chihuahua?