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America’s real team?

June 11, 2019

Not a big soccer fan but checked in on USWNT  vs Thailand, and wait.. .when did women’s soccer start allowing touchdowns?

13-0!? Trump would take credit for the victory if he had any idea that the U.S Women’s National Team existed.

A friend sent a screen shot of a Miami bar offering free shots for every goal.  Hope there weren’t too many cases of alcohol poisoning.



SF Giants just scored 3 runs in the 4th. And then 3 runs again in the 4th. Either that or I am hallucinating in the heat.

I’m as guilty of it as anyone, but when we talk about sports adversity, think most fan bases only remember, or like to talk about, the big games where THEIR star gets hurt.


So how many of the pundits blaming Warriors for pushing Kevin Durant to play, are same pundits who were calling Durant soft or more focused on free agency than his team?

What’s more obnoxious, some number of Toronto fans cheering when Kevin Durant went down. Or the next day many of NY media making it sound like a tragedy… for the Knicks?

(for those not following this drama, NY media has long considered Knicks the frontrunners to sign KD this offseason.)

If Kawhi Leonard actually talked have to wonder what he would say now to all those pundits who insisted he was dogging it last year by not returning in the postseason with his injury.


Ten candidates have now joined race to fill Theresa May’s role as leader of Britain’s Conservative party.
U.S. Democratic party response – “amateurs.”

Ethanol 15, which Trump just approved for year-round use, is not only bad for environment, it competes with regular oil.
Wait until someone reminds Donald that Texas has more electoral votes than Iowa.


 I will continue to joke, but could post something I dislike daily about every single Democratic candidate running in 2020.
But what I HATE is the idea of another Democratic circular firing squad.

In the meantime, confused, about the procedure for 20 Democrats in the first debates. So who decides who gets the first impression rose?

Boys of almost summer.

June 11, 2019

So yes, the NBA finals will finish after the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And then does the NBA preseason start next week?


Nick Nurse stopping play after Raptors grabbed a 6 point lead AND momentum with 3 minutes to play might turn out to be worst time-out call since Chris Webber.

While it would be sad indeed if Durant tore his Achilles, if you were watching Bob Myers press conference about Kevin Durant, if you were watching without knowing what happened you’d think somebody died.

Giants decided not to make mood of many Bay Area fans worse tonight by taking an off day.

But a belated thought about Bumgarner on Sunday. If you believe baseball should let players show emotion with a bat flip or whatever when they get a hit, then shouldn’t you also allow pitchers to show emotion when they are angry when their pitches get hit?  (Just my opinion, better to scream at a guy than hit him with a pitch next time… which, Bob Gibson, for example, would have done.)

Since Trump ignores NBA, Pelosi and Trudeau made a bet on finals. Canadian trash talking from Justin – ““The Raptors are making history and they aren’t done yet. We’re going all the way, Canada. Ghirardelli chocolates and a glass of California wine are going to pair nicely with the Raptors’ first NBA title.”


Trump tweeted congratulations to 2019 Indy 500 winner. Barack Obama tweeted best wishes to David Ortiz, recovering from being shot last night. I miss having a President.

Still crickets from Trump on David Ortiz shooting, but he did congratulate the 2019 Indy 500 winner.
And you do get the sense if Tom Brady had so much as a bad cold…

A man arrested with cocaine in his nostrils this weekend told police the coke wasn’t his.
Back on your game, Florida.

“Tiger Mom” author Amy Chua fiercely defended Brett Kavanaugh at the time of his nomination last year. Today, her daughter was named a Supreme Court clerk for Brett Kavanaugh. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The oak tree planted by Trump and Macron on White House grounds to symbolize USA- France friendship has died. Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Considering how much attention media paid on Monday to the accident, have to figure next time Donald Trump needs a distraction he’s going to tell someone to crash another helicopter in New York

Trump is upset that John Dean was testifying, saying he is a “paid CNN contributor. ”
So only “paid contributors” who are allowed to testify before Congress must work for State TV aka Fox News?


Somewhat heretical, but why do we give so much power in choosing a Presidential candidate to a state that has elected Steve King?