Raptured in Toronto?

“Stanley Cup, what Stanley Cup?”


Raptors guard Fred VanVleet might have lost a tooth colliding with Shaun Livington tonight. Canadian healthcare doesn’t cover dentist visits but just guessing VanVleet won’t ever have to pay for dental work in Toronto ever again.


So will Zaza retroactively be named MVP for Warriors in their 2017 NBA Championship season.

Baseball is a funny game. So who had Drew Pomeranz, same guy who lost a 5-0 lead in top of 1st by giving up SIX runs in bottom of inning to worst in baseball Baltimore Orioles, pitching six scoreless innings against Clayton Kershaw to help lead SF Giants to 2-1 win over LA Dodgers?

Seattle Mariners CF Mitch Haniger on 10-day injured list after hitting himself with a foul ball and suffering a ruptured testicle.
As a woman I can dispassionately say “That sounds painful.”
Guessing men will have a slightly more visceral reaction.


Amy Klobuchar points out that Trump is selling Pride merchandise on his website while he won’t let embassies fly the Pride flag. Donald also hates pets, but it doesn’t stop him selling collars and dog sweaters.

Truly amazing that same POTUS who won’t allow embassies to fly rainbow flag has so many other GOP men kissing his ass. #PrideMonth

Trump tweet referencing “Mars of which the Moon is a part.”

So the “stable genius” knows astronomy too.

To be fair, does anyone really want NASA to go to the Moon right now?  Donald would probably order them to plant a Trump sign next to American flag.

So the next time teachers assign a science project to draw or model the galaxy, in red states will they have to make our moon part of Mars?

Trump has ended his own manufactured crisis by saying Mexico will stop most illegal immigration and so he won’t implement tariffs. Uh oh, how’s he going to use the caravan excuse next time?

Trump not only had nasty partisan interview with Laura Ingraham in front of American Cemetery in Normandy, he doubled down on it by posting video of it with graves clearly visible on Twitter. Where’s the outrage, especially from Veterans?

Serious spitballing here. With all the possible permutations in 2020, why aren’t we talking about the possibility of two women on the Democratic ticket?

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