Officially bad.

Sports fans have had a nice little break from officials dominating headlines in really big games. Officials for Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 between Blues and Bruins “Break’s over.”


St. Louis Blues are one win away from their potential first Stanley Cup Championship.  To put this 52 year drought in perspective, when the Blues were an expansion team, the NHL went from 6 to 12 teams.

Now more than 12 teams make the playoffs.

The Patriots Super Bowl latest ring is the largest ever made.  “I am shocked” said absolutely nobody.

Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens has apologized for shoving and swearing at Raptors’ Kyle Lowry; says he is sorry and “embarrassed.” Well, I certainly believe the embarrassed part.


Alec Baldwin said he is ‘so done’ playing Trump on SNL.
How many million of us are “so done” watching Trump play a President on TV?

Trump today referred to the Speaker of the House as “Nervous Nancy.”

Right about now don’t think Nancy is the one who is nervous.

Before his speech at the American cemetery today for D-Day,  Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News from the American cemetery at Normandy, in front of the graves, calling special counsel Robert Mueller a “fool” and the Speaker of the House a “disaster.”

Another moment he became Presidential?


Trump  later on D-Day to French President Macron  -“We read about it all our lives — Normandy — and there are those who say it was the most important ever. Not just at that time, but ever. And to be a part of it, and to have number 75, 75 years, was very, very special.”

There are D-Day vets with advanced dementia who are more articulate.

So what do we think Trump’s excuse would have been to have avoided the military during WWII?

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