Down and out

SF Giants did their best (getting down 5-0 early and being shut out 7-0 by the Mets), to make sure their fans who also care about Warriors didn’t need to feel conflicted switching channels tonight.

Although on a brighter note, has an MLB team ever blown a 5-0 lead in top of first by allowing six runs in bottom of the inning, and in SAME week scored six runs in top of 10th to win game in extra innings?

Raptors posted a picture tonight saying “crossed the bridge, ready for battle” before game 3.  Except the picture was of the Golden Gate Bridge. Which doesn’t go anywhere near Oakland.

Unfortunately for Warriors fans, that’s one of the few things Raptors got wrong all night.


Apparently a lot of Trump fans are rooting for Raptors because Warriors are clearly not fans of the Donald.
Guess maybe no one should show MAGAers that standing ovation in Toronto for Barack Obama.


Only way Donald Trump gets a standing ovation in Toronto is if he chooses the city for his resignation speech.

Mark Cuban, who owns Dallas Mavericks, said today of the Los Angeles Lakers   “The more screwed up they are, the happier I am.”

Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in this country?

In interview with”The Sun, Trump said he wanted Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric and Tiffany to hold a “next generation” meeting with the Prince William & his wife, Kate & Prince Harry.
“I think my children will be meeting them. It would be nice.”
One word. BARF.


And yeah, didn’t we all expect that the President of the United States would top off a state visit to England by getting in a twitter battle with Bette Midler?

A large number of people who have been taking those short cruises to Cuba from Florida are locals and residents of other Southern states who can drive to the pier. Fortunately Trump doesn’t need any votes from those states for re-election.

Not sure how many Americans work in the cruise industry, but pretty sure Trump today with the Cuba decision made sure he won’t get ANY of their votes.

Trump  golfing tonight at  Doonbeg, his money-losing Irish golf club. This after meeting the Irish prime minister AT THE AIRPORT, because Varadkar thought it was inappropriate to meet at Donald’s private club. Are we great yet?

Trump canceling English classes, recreational programs including sports and legal aid for unaccompanied minors in all federal migrant shelters citing budget pressures. Yeah, well Donald has to find money for his family European vacations somewhere.

Trump saying he didn’t join the military because he was not a fan of the Vietnam War is an insult both to those who served and those who protested.


For some reason Fox News isn’t highlighting this part of Trump interview with Piers Morgan, who in talking about gun control said “This guy in Vegas had 82 assault rifles and bought 52 guns in one year,”
Trump response – “He was a sick guy. If it wasn’t guns, it would be bombs or something else. He was actually a pretty smart guy. He was a good, successful gambler and there’s no such thing as a successful gambler and what he went out and did is incredible.”

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