Too heavy medal?

Tiger Woods is 10 shots back after 3 rounds of the US Open. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Unlike last year with Trump, guessing if Justin Trudeau decides to be extra-gracious and also invite the Warriors to meet him for their NBA finals effort, Golden State might actually accept.

Don’t look know, but SF Giants are suddenly doing an imitation of a very good baseball team.

And who’d a thunk that so far,  Giants are having a much better June than the Warriors.

Baseball is a funny game. Wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten in Vegas on SF Giants catcher Stephen Vogt having two stand-up triples… in one game.

United Airlines just issued a travel waiver – “We are experiencing flight disruptions at Newark (EWR) due to runway closures related to an earlier incident with a disabled aircraft on the runway.”
For some reason the waiver doesn’t say it was a UNITED plane that blew out tires on landing and skidded off the runway.

Texas bride found out hair & makeup artist was gay; told her she no longer wanted to hire her because she was a “sinner.” Hope Bridezilla has decided to do her own hair for rest of her life. (And she might not want to fly commercially or stay in any hotels on her honeymoon.)

White House pulls an Obama rule that would require two-member crew in locomotives.  Well, heck, why doesn’t Donald pull the co-pilot in Air Force One to prove his point.

So did Trump compare Melania to Jackie because he wants her also to look the other way while he has White House affairs?


OJ Simpson’s first tweet was a video ending “I’ve got a little getting even to do.” Could have been worse. He could have just posted a music video of ‘The first cut is the deepest.”

So how long until Trump tries to replace Chris Wray as head of FBI with OJ Simpson and says he is confident OJ will find the real colluders.

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