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Keep calm and f*ck terrorism

March 22, 2017




My favorite city in the world. And yes I would go back tomorrow. If we stop traveling the bad guys win.

This mural, btw,  is made completely out of Lego, in the London store – Leicester Square.

Wow. A reasonable and measured response. Maybe the rumors that Tillerson won’t last long as Secretary of State in this administration are true. “We condemn these horrific acts of violence, and whether they were carried out by troubled individuals or by terrorists, the victims know no difference,”

It’s always awful when innocent people are hurt. But Britain has very tight gun laws, at least London assailant wasn’t armed.


Four murdered, including a police officer, until the suspect himself was shot by police. Not just London, but today in Wisconsin. The suspect is an American man with a gun. Move along, nothing to see here.

CNN reports FBI has information indicating Trump campaign associates communicated “with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”
#Fakenews tweet from Donald in 3.2.1….

Ghanaian Soccer player Mohammed Anas, who made headlines when he thanked his wife AND girlfriend during an interview now says “My family knows that I call my daughter my girlfriend. That’s what I was talking about. I don’t have a girlfriend.”
Is Anas trying for a post in the Trump administration?

Trumpcare will not have a requirement to cover mental health. While Congress also reduces gun regulations. What could possibly go wrong?


Puerto Rico has seen enough of Brandon Crawford.  Late in tonight’s game what they really wanted to see is the 2016 SF Giants’ bullpen. #WBC

Just guessing  Ian Kinsler, who hit a home run after bashing Puerto Rico’s style of play, might want to plan his next Caribbean vacation somewhere other than San Juan?

Almost didn’t recognize Dodger Stadium for #WBC championship tonight. Stands were basically full in first inning. @espn

#BeckyHammon is apparently a finalist for the head coaching job at Florida. Alas it’s the women’s team. She can coach men. @Spurs

Roger Goodell says that the NFL will address when a commercial is followed by a kickoff and then followed by another commercial. “I hate that, too. Our goal is to eliminate it.”
By just running longer commercials after kickoffs?



Bases and balls

March 22, 2017

Now that #TeamUSA is in the Word Baseball Classic final will Americans actually start caring? USA ! USA! USA! #WBC

Wonder if the #WorldBaseballClassic would be more popular if there was a way to put teams into brackets and bet on them in office pools?

Gregg Popovich on the NBA rest debate “Luckily all the participants are sane people and care about the same thing and want to get it right.”
Right, $ane people and the $ame thing. Anyone heard a complaint yet when a “rest” game wasn’t being televised.

CKE Restaurants, owners of Carl’s Jr, said today that CEO Andrew Puzder. Trump’s first pick for Labor Secretary. who withdrew after negative publicity, will be replaced by Jason Marker in April. Well, that’s one job Trump can take credit for creating.

Supreme Court hearings seem to have devolved into situations where nominees won’t opine on what color they think the sky is.

Barry Bonds is back with the #SFGiants as a special assistant to the CEO. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a swelled head about it.

In a memo to team owners Adam Silver called the practice of teams resting star players “a extremely significant issue for our league.” Lakers fans are going “What star players?”

Trump’s latest “It was reported that NFL owners don’t want to pick (your San Francisco quarterback) him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump.”
Kind of makes you want some team to sign Kap.

Trump of all people should know that saying outrageous things wouldn’t stop you getting a job if people think you are competent.

Headline “Republicans change health care bill in search for votes.” Maybe they could just change the name and keep Obamacare?

British PM Theresa May will be featured in US Vogue magazine. Waiting for Trump to claim in a tweet that Vogue asked him first.

Dow fell by about 238 points today. Waiting for the Trump tweet saying this is Obama’s fault.

For years, smart travel agents have warned travelers NOT to put laptops and iPads in checked luggage. New rule may be good for security but also open season for thieves. #unintendedconsequences

Remember all those people worried that Hillary’s election would make Bill a top WH advisor? Somehow I’m missing the outrage on Ivanka.

#TheNewsin4Words. “What’s Trump done now?”



This laptop ban really makes airlines like Turkish, Emirates & Ethiad less attractive to US fliers. Add UAE & Turkey to Trump insult bingo

Major budget cuts for the DOJ and a “Memorandum for all Federal Prosecutors” from new AG Jeff Sessions, directing prosecutors to focus not on corporate crime, but on violent crime.
But hey, I am sure under Trump now all potential white-collar crooks are now on their very best behavior.


Trump’s company, now managed by his sons, is starting a new hotel change, Scion,  and talking to about 20 developers around the country, with 50-100 hotels planned within the next three years.

Move along, nothing to see here. No one I am sure would mind if Chelsea Clinton and her husband had done the same thing if Hillary were elected.