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Jose we hardly knew ye….

March 3, 2017

The Warriors signed Jose Calderon, 35, after Kevin Durant’s injury. Two hours later, when they signed Matt Barnes they cut Calderon but still paid him $415,000.
Wow, with that kind of pay to performance ratio Calderon could be an honorary member of Congress.

Spurs beat the Pelicans 101 to 98 in OT, despite going only 15-25  on free throws.  So let see, does Popovich have practice from the line Saturday morning at 7a, or 630a?

The Rams unveiled new retro uniforms for the 2017 season. Unfortunately for LA fans, the uniforms will have the same players in them.

#TGIF. And best news of the approaching weekend – @SNL is back.

Uber lost their 2nd high-level executive today in a week. Wonder if potential replacement candidates will demand higher salaries based on surge pricing?

Happy #WorldWildlifeDay. Waiting for the GOP rebuttal

What’s more embarrassing for @VP – being caught having used personal email for confidential matters as Gov. of Indiana, or still using AOL?

Mike Pence said regarding Hillary’s email’s and his using a private AOL email account “There’s no comparison whatsoever,” Right. IOKIYR

Arnold Schwarzenegger has quit Celebrity Apprentice, saying he liked NBC and the people and “I would absolutely work with all of them again on a show that doesn’t have this baggage,”
Pass the popcorn and get ready for the Tweet storm.

Trump called situation w/ Sessions “witch hunt.” Now Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called it “witch hunt.” Almost like they were talking.

So @realDonaldTrump was back on the Twitter rampage last night. Congrats to all those who had “about 48 hours” in the post Joint Session pool.


Despite Trump’s promises, a White House spokeswoman said today that his “buy American” rule in Trump’s Executive order won’t apply to the high-profile Keystone project.
It’s not that the President lied, it’s just an alternative promise.


Trump just signed an EO overturning a rule that added about 75,000 people receiving Social Security checks because of mental illness or being unable to handle their own financial affairs into the FBI background check database. So now those people can buy guns again. The NRA is thrilled.
Have to wonder, what would happen if someone proposed a bill requiring all workers at abortion clinics to be armed.

From T.C.  “A Tom Brady movie is in the works. No word on who will play the role of Tom but rumor has it that the short list of actors to portray Roger Goddell is down to PeeWee Herman or Bozo.”


Stand up, sit down.

March 3, 2017

Colin Kaepernick says he is going to stand for national anthem next year. Of course, he may be standing in his living room.

ESPN reports that Colin Kaepernick says he will stand for the national anthem next year, saying he “no longer wants his method of protest to detract from the positive change that he believes has been created.”
“Positive change that he believes has been created.” Colin does realize we had an election, right?

Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in this country any more. MLB just agreed to a “conditional” 2 minute limit for replay review.


Trump gave a decent speech and suddenly he’s Presidential. Right, like Sacramento Kings beat Warriors and suddenly they’re a good @NBA team


What’s in the water in Waco? As if the sexual assault stories with the football team wasn’t bad enough, now Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey had to apologize after saying to fans that if people tell them they will never send their daughters to the school, they should “knock them right in the face

#DrSeussDay “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Maybe this is all a plot by @Warriors to get Popovich to tire out his players in a quest for #1 seed. @Spurs #GoSpursGo

So the original Executive Order about  entering the US HAD to be done immediately because of the bad guys who could have raced into the country if they had notice. Now Trump is delaying signing its replacement after his Joint Sessions speech because the WH wants the EO “to have its own ‘moment.'”
Uh, folks, at least of one of these reasons is bullsh*t.

Ratings for Joint Session were way down from Obama and Cinton . What happens when you hire reality star to take President’s place. Sad.


Trump on Tues – going to “promote clean air & water.” Trump on Thurs – EPA budget proposal cuts climate protection program 70% to $29 mill.

Of course those defending Sessions also stood up & said Loretta Lynch should be believed on tarmac chat w/ Bill Clinton.


So now it’s #JaredKushner. Wouldn’t it be faster to make a list of those in Trump administration who haven’t met secretly w/ Russia.


Trump on Sessions “He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not intentional.”
So now along with “alternative facts” we have “inaccurate responses” and “unintentional statements?”


Congress surely can investigate #Sessions in all that free time available now they aren’t investigating Benghazi or Hillary’s emails again.


So it’s “just” alleged misdeeds & lies. But 1 thing clear. If Hillary won & they happened in her admin, GOP would be calling for impeachment