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The pies have it?

March 2, 2017

Grant Hill now promoting new “Pie Tops” Pizza Hut shoes for March Madness; they allow you to order pizza by pushing a button on the shoe tongue.
Okay, cute, but if you can afford shoes like that, wouldn’t you be able to afford better pizza than Pizza Hut?

Johnny Manziel has hired agent & is reportedly talking to several @NFL teams. Stay tuned for latest chapter in “Smart GMs, Foolish Choices.

Kevin Durant has sprained MCL Fortunately, this being @NBA, at least he’ll probably be back with Warriors for 2nd month of the playoffs.

Not really serious but a real conspiracy theorist would say the NBA engineered Kevin Durant’s injury to interject a little actual real drama into the regular season.

Academy says 2 accountants who flubbed best picture won’t be returning to #Oscars How long til they say same about #PricewaterhouseCoopers

Bill Condon, director of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, says that the character of LeFou will have feelings for Gaston, and “it is an exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.”
Uh, wait a minute, what about all those cohabitating dwarves?

Researchers in Canada found that Subway’s ‘oven-roasted chicken” contained only 53.5% chicken DNA, while the “sweet onion teriyaki chicken” contained only 42.8%.
Taco Bell is thinking ‘that much?”

From my friend Mark Brinkman, I’m in. “I have a terrific idea. We can have a beloved president who is funny, popular and available to attend this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. His name is President Barack Obama!!! Wouldn’t that be great?”

City officials apparently are worried about possible violence because a march supporting President Trump is expected to take place in Berkeley on Saturday, and counter-protesters could show up
Well, let’s hope the anti-Trump folks just leave both marchers alone..


ND Congressman Kevin Cramer ripped Dem women who wore white to Trump’s speech last night to honor the suffrage movement. “But by the way, did you notice how poorly several of them were dressed, as well? It is a syndrome. There is no question.”
Right, because they should have worn Ivanka Trump? #WTF



DOJ says Jeff Sessions spoke twice in 2016 with Russia’s US ambassador & did not disclose it. So will Trump respond by firing Justice Dept?,


Graham & McCain indicated they want “answers” on Sessions-Russia report. Uh, gentlemen, “a little less conversation a little more action”?




How much worse does Sessions scandal have to get before Trump has Kellyanne Conway climb on Oval Office desk in heels for distraction?

Think White House staff can convince @realDonaldTrump to give up Twitter for Lent? #AshWednesday





From TC  “Donald’s tribute to CPO William Ryan Owens was such a “Yuge” contrast to any he’s ever given to Capt Humayun Khan. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard DJ Dumpkoff even mentioning the latter’s name – EVER. Sad.”