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October 24, 2019

Looking at these recent first innings, maybe the Astros should consider an opener when Verlander starts now in the post season?

Now 2-0 in World Series and Trump STILL hasn’t acknowledged the Washington Nationals.  Maybe he’s confused and thinks the Redskins are the only DC team that regularly plays in October.

MLB had to be cringing at Astros assistant GM Brandon Taubman’s offensive outburst just before World Series.  Umpire Rob Drake “Hold my beer.” 

(Drake’s tweet – “I will be buying an AR-15 tomorrow, because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!!! #MAGA2020” )

As my son says, should be fun the next time Drake umpires a game in San Francisco.

But maybe Drake, unlike the Nationals, wants a White House invitation.

Just maybe mean bitch karma is not a fan of domestic violence? Especially making fun of domestic violence


Wonder what Popovich said to Spurs to get them to rally in 4th quarter tonight. Something like-  “If you lose home opener to Knicks I’m retiring right now?”


So when is Trump going to tell us which state’s residents he is building that wall around Colorado to keep out? Maybe Mitt Romney has him scared of that Book of Mormon.

Apparently 13 of the 41 Republican lawmakers who stormed a closed-door hearing today to protest an alleged lack of transparency have access, if they want it, to the impeachment hearings.   What, you mean it was all a reality TV stunt? 

Guarantee you one thing folks – If you or I stormed a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) in the Capitol we’d be arrested if we weren’t shot first. #HouseRepublicans

How long until Trump just tries to outlaw Congress?

Trump today declared a “big success” in Syria and said he would lift sanctions on Turkey over its invasion. Many Kurds didn’t disagree with him, because they were, you know, dead.

Game one.

October 22, 2019

Didn’t everyone have the pitchers duel between Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer ending up 6-5?

Whatever happens this World Series, the Nationals were 19-31 in late May. Just throwing that out there for any team thinking of firing their manager if team gets off to a slow start in 2020.

Do we think Trump even knows the Nationals are playing in the World Series?

Washington Nationals did hang on to win Game 1. But their  bullpen gives me flashbacks to SF Giants bullpen in 2016.

And then on a less light note,  it’s now been reported, and corroborated, that Astros assistant GM Brandon Taubman turned to a group of three female reporters, including one who had repeatedly called out Houston’s signing a player who’d been suspended 75 days for domestic violence and yelled, half a dozen times, “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so f—— glad we got Osuna!”

And instead of the obvious team reaction “obviously this is a disturbing report, we are looking into it, we take domestic violence very seriously,  we have no tolerance for this kind of alleged behavior etc etc.” the team at first called the report “Fake News.”

Two words- Go Nationals.

Michael Jordan said Steph Curry is “Not a Hall of Famer yet.”
So we are beginning to see why Jordan was such a great head of basketball operations for Charlotte.

But hey, no booster better buy a player dinner, because that damages the purity of amateur sports…

Henry Thomas, former child star of ‘E.T.’, was arrested for DUI in Oregon. I suppose it would be inappropriate to make “phone home” jokes.

So Trudeau almost didn’t get re-elected because he stupidly wore blackface costume in his teens and 20s…. And then we wake up to hear 72 year old POTUS tweeting about impeachment – “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here – a lynching.”

And then this morning when all the headlines were going crazy about Trump’s lynching tweet you have the Fox website leading with “NASA official names date on when space agency intends to put Earthlings on Mars.”

Just guessing – and hoping – Bill Taylor doesn’t have any vacation plans to visit Moscow.

Trump reportedly considering Kellyanne as a replacement for Mick Mulvaney. Well, Thanksgiving at the Conway house might be interesting this year.

Winners and losers…

October 21, 2019

Talk about an castle and outhouse division. After tonight, seven weeks into NFL season, two AFC East teams  have one loss between them, the other two  have one WIN between them.

At this point NY Jets mantra has to be “Thank God for the Miami Dolphins.”

Coming into Sunday’s game the  Chicago Bears defense ranked fourth in NFL. Saints may tell Brees and Kamara to take their time coming back.

Aaron Judge after Yankees ALCS loss “This season is a failure.” Now, Judge has spent his entire career in pinstripes. But maybe he should spend a year with say, the Orioles for some perspective.

Not that every President has to love all sports. But ever notice Trump doesn’t root for teams or players? He only congratulates a few of them AFTER they win. #Sad


ET reports from a source “Felicity (Huffman) is doing really well and she’s holding up” amid her 14-day prison sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal. We could have a nationwide violin shortage.


CBC has called election for Justin Trudeau, though “whether it will be a minority or majority government remains to be seen.” Wonder how many Canadians were swayed by Andrew Scheer’s dual-American citizenship. Elect him & worry Trump might send a spawn up north next…


Trump has probably called and/or tweeted every quasi-dictator in the world with congratulations when they have won their elections. Just guessing this isn’t happening with Justin Trudeau.

Trying to imagine what Trump voters would do if it emerged Donald had ever worn blackface.

So Trump now saying G7 at Doral would have been “free.”. Because Mexico would have paid for it?



Marco Rubio to a Bloomberg reporter   – “Obviously you know, given everything that’s going on, it was a bad look,” Rubio said of G7 at Doral, though he doubts Trump wanted to make money. “As a Floridian I thought it was great that they were going to come down, especially in June when we don’t have as many visitors.” Uh, Rubio said the quiet part out loud…. “Especially in June when we don’t have as many visitors.” Gosh, you mean not everyone loves heat and humidity, along with bugs the size of small dogs?

And as Trump whined that G7 at Doral would have been “the best ever.” Uh, Donald even YOU don’t go to Florida and Mar-A-Lago in June.

Size matters?

October 20, 2019




Fox was really salivating at the idea of a Dodgers Yankees World Series and the ratings it would bring. Thoughts and prayers.

After SF Giants bullpen meltdown in 2016 team decided to sign a closer in off-season. Aroldis Chapman was available. Much of fan base, including me, was against it due to his domestic violence arrest. As much of a bust as Melancon was with SF still think Giants made right choice. And particularly happy to see Alteuve hit the game-winner off Chapman.

Both Yankees and Astros used an “opener” in Game 6 of ALCS!?! Because the DH in the American league isn’t already far enough away from real baseball?

Feeling sorry for Wisconsin and my Badger friends. But the fact they even let Illinois within 10 points with under 10 minutes to go indicates a potential CFB playoff game against Alabama might had been painful to watch.

Trump yesterday talking to astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. “This is the first time for a woman outside of the space station. They’re conducting the first-ever female spacewalk.” 15 women astronauts who have done spacewalks. Once again, numbers have a liberal bias.

John Kasich is now in favor of impeaching Trump. So wonder what childish nickname Donald is working on for him?

Trump “I thought I was doing something very good for our Country by using Trump National Doral, in Miami, for hosting the G-7 Leaders.”

Translation for a man who basically says “L’etat est moi”  (The state is me, Louis XIV)  –  “I thought I was doing something very good for ME.”

“I am so going to miss the opportunity to enjoy Florida’s summer heat and humidity” said no world leader ever. 


Just putting this out there, if Trump is forced to have G7 at Camp David, it’s only 60 miles from Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. Pretty safe bet he’ll suggest the resort for at least one outing or dinner.


If Trump wants to resign and blame it on “Media and Democrats crazed and irrational hostility” I am okay with that.


October 18, 2019

Patrick Mahomes dislocated his kneecap. I miss the days when the most outrageous fan reactions were Chiefs fans as opposed to fantasy football,

Not there yet, but imagine how somewhat at Fox Sports is feeling who wrote the preview of Dodgers-Yankees World Series,


About Turkey and the Kurds “like two kids in a lot, you’ve got to let them fight and then you pull them apart.” Right, doesn’t every mother deal with her kids by letting one of them kill the other?

So Bill Clinton SHOULD have said “Of course I had sex with that woman, Get Over It?”

Commissioner Silver said China wanted NBA to fire Rockets GM Daryl Morey to be fired tweet supporting anti-government Hong Kong protesters, but league said ‘no.”

Hmm, maybe China was speaking less about Rockets than trying to curry favor with Trump by demonstrating the way government should deal with perceived criticism?


The Democratic party has a big tent. But Trump likes to say AOC and Ilhan Omar are the face of the party. The “face” of the party? They’re not even endorsing a Democrat in 2020.

White House says Trump’s Doral resort will host G-7 “at cost” but doesn’t say how much that will be. Well of course, because “at cost’ equals “under a routine audit” like Donald’s tax returns.

National treasure?

October 17, 2019

So all Nationals needed to make it to their first World Series  was to get rid of Bryce Harper?

Washington fans are hoping their team doesn’t forget how to play baseball by the time the ALCS, rained out yesterday, is finished.

Apparently unhappy Yankees fans were throwing water bottles and baseball on the field at Astros players yesterday. Not beer at least. Suppose at Yankee stadium beer is too expensive to throw.

The Los Angeles Angels have reached an agreement with Joe Maddon to make him their next manager.  Hope Joe doesn’t get too bored.  As said in “Little Big League”  – “It’s the American League, they have the DH, how hard can it be?”



Trump said this picture was Nancy having a meltdown.
To paraphrase Princess Bride, I do not think this picture means what Donald thinks it means.”


Alec Baldwin, on Felicity Hoffman “My heart goes out to Felicity, (her husband) Bill Macy and their family. I don’t think anyone involved in the college fraud cases should go to prison. That includes past cases as well. Community service, fines, yes. But prison time, no.”
Translation, did he or was Baldwin planning to do the same for his children?

#NotTheOnion Official White House feed. “The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to Ancient Rome.”

Short version, POTUS actually wrote a letter to the leader of Turkey ending “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool. I will call you later.” This would be a lot funnier if it were satire.

And Erdogan apparently threw the letter in the trash.  Of course, maybe the Turkish leader felt that if Trump really cared about Turkey instead of Pence he’d have come with his  favorite senior advisor Ivanka?

Not particularly religious but pretty sure Elijah Cummings is in a better place now than Donald Trump will ever be.


Donald Trump Jr. after Hannity said Hunter Biden had foreign opportunities only because “they’re really buying favor with the father.” “Of course they are. When you’re the father & your son’s entire career is dependent on that, they own you.” Some statements don’t need a punchline.

Changing seasons

October 15, 2019


MLB considering moving NLDS game 5 from 4p EST to an evening game since ALCS game 4 looks likely to be rained out. Of course the Cardinals would actually have to win a game first.

So far there have been so many good NLCS and ALCS championship pitching performances, after a year when league clearly juiced the ball for more offense, you almost expect MLB to do something like outlaw a good curveball.

Two controversial calls go Green Bay’s way late at Lambeau Field,  NFL said now officials erred when they called a second hands-to-the-face penalty on MNF against Detroit defensive end Trey Flowers.   The first penalty kept drive alive, the second set up the Packers game-winning field goal.

But if Lions miss the playoffs by one game am sure the Saints will tell them how league admitting a mistake makes the pain all go away…



Ft Worth police officer, Aaron Dean who fatally shot #AtatianaJefferson, a black woman in her home while she played video games with her 8-year-old nephew has resigned. He could still face charges. How long until he gets offers for job with GOP, Fox News or White House security?

Anyone else thinking that maybe it wasn’t a great idea for Trump to p*ss off John Bolton?


Trump’s rants about nepotism really make me wish his Press Secretary was still Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

And then there’s GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniels tweeting about nepotism. Wonder why Ronna, Mitt’s niece, drop the “Romney” from her name? Also,  I missed Ronna Romney McDaniels’ tweet on why a knockoff clothing designer has been acting like a combination Secretary of State/VP at her daddy’s summit meetings.

Sometimes I think we all need to take a deep breath and remember the same man who installed his unqualified daughter as more than a vice President, and whose sons make millions from Trump enterprises in over 30 countries, is attacking Joe Biden’s son for a few foreign deals