What can Browns not do for you?

You think you’re having a bad day. You could have Baker Mayfield in your fantasy football league.

It’s been a few years since Sergio Romo left SF to sign with the Dodgers. And while Giants fans will always remember him fondly we won’t miss those hanging sliders.

Why I love Jessica Mendoza on ESPN covering baseball. When Max Muncy hit a very high pop fly in the rain, she calls attention to the fact that, maybe because of the weather, he ran it out at full steam, and would have been on 2nd had it dropped.

Redskins fired Jay Gruden after an 0-5 start. He was the 5th coach under Dan Snyder, who bought the team before the 1999 season. None of them have had a winning record.
New slogan? “Washington Redskins – a fine-tuned machine owned by a stable genius.”

Now James Harden trying to calm the waters after Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted support for Hong Kong protestors “We apologize. You know, we love China. We love playing there… They show us the most important love.”
Translation, there is no love more important than the love of $$$$.

As NBA genuflects before China and Chinese money who’s in charge of keeping Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr away from reporters?


An anonymous “senior” White House official called reporters to deny a media report that Pentagon was “blindsided” by Trump’s Syria pullout.
Waiting for Donald to tweet an attack on the offending network – Fox News.

So who’s going to be Toto and pull the curtain away to expose the “great and unmatched” Wizard of Oz?

Turkish jets have already struck Kurdish targets in northern Syria today. So Donald really has delivered on his birthday president to Vlad.


That moment when your QB rating is 13.4 and it’s still higher than your team’s point total.

Well, give Trump credit for some economic stimulus. After Nickelback demanded he take down their song “Photograph” as part of his anti-Biden tweet, Billboard said downloads for the track surged 569%,

Marco Rubio, Jim Jordan and Roy Blunt are now saying Trump telling China to investigate Joe Biden was just a joke.
Right, like “Russia, if you’re listening…”

One bit of good news for the planet today. Reportedly Jared Kushner will lead Trump’s impeachment defense.


Trump claimed today his poll numbers went up “17% in the past few days.” Is he talking about a poll of the voices in his head?

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