On the outs…


Lots of managers deciding to throw top starters into relief roles in 2019 MLB playoffs. – The Nationals’ Patrick Corbin reminded us, it’s not as easy as Madison Bumgarner made it look.

Alden Gonzalez of ESPN pointed out Dodgers against Nats in NLDS Game 3 “had 8 RBIs by players who fell behind in the count 0-2, the most by any MLB team in a game all season.”
And SF Giants pitchers were somehow not involved.

Atlanta Braves now saying they “look forward to a continued dialogue with those in the Native American community” after the season. This after Cardinals reliever Ryan Helsley, who is Cherokee, said it was “a shock” to hear the tomahawk chop chant at Sun Trust stadium.
Now, Helsley IS a rookie. But the Braves have only been doing the chop chant since 1991. Can’t imagine how anyone would be surprised.

Just guessing anyone who bet on the Saints goal of being 3-3 with Brees out for six games might be feeling okay tonight.   

Houston Texans had scored 78 points in 4 games. They scored 53 against Falcons today.
Their offense went through Atlanta faster than Sherman.

Ben Roethlisberger, who’s out for the year, was fined $5k ffor wearing an Apple Watch on sidelines. Good to see NFL has their priorities in order.

Dallas coach Jason Garrett was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct,in the Cowboys’ loss to Green Bay today, specifically for “abusive language toward an official.”
Owner Jerry Jones’s response “Oh, I hope the little darling didn’t hear something he hadn’t heard before.”
Sometimes I wonder, how has Jones not been offered a job in Trump administration?

China’s official basketball association going to suspend cooperation with Rockets after Houston’s GM tweeted supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong
Guessing if they look for a new team partner China won’t be talking to the San Antonio Spurs.

Trump reportedly told House Republicans impeachment is a “bad thing to have on your resume.” Well, why doesn’t he just treat impeachment like everything else he feels guilty about and pretend it never happened?

Wow, Trump sounds so old & over the top unhinged tonight on Twitter half expect him to go outside and scream at Secret Service agents stationed outside to get off his White House lawn.

Is there ANYONE who has worked in Trump administration who still has their reputation intact?

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