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We love a parade….

October 31, 2019

Hey Nationals and Nationals fans. Great World Series victory. Now, want to be even more popular in US? Have more people show up at your victory parade than at Trump’s inauguration.

Joe Buck on the 49ers. “This is a really good 8-0 team.” As opposed to a really bad 8-0 team?

(and he said on a night SF came 6 points from covering the spread.)

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic reported SF Giants have “narrowed their search” to three candidates for manager, including “Royals quality control coach Pedro Grifol.” Wait, the 59 and 103 Royals HAD a “quality control coach?”

Steph Curry’s sister angrily tweeted last night “ok the Warriors are what they are and that is what it is… but CHASE fans, y’all gotta do better. They brought it within 12 and 3/4 of y’all were waiting for (BART.) Not okay. And definitely not Oracle.”
Yep, “definitely not Oracle.” Many Oracle fans can’t afford Chase Center.

Well, New Orleans has the most Voodoo queens in the US, but are we sure there isn’t a West Coast one who cursed the Warriors for abandoning Oakland?

Kevin Durant today on ESPN’s First Take said last year’s fight between him and Draymond DID play a role in him leaving the Warriors. “Definitely, for sure. I’m not gonna lie about it.”
So Durant is saying that last year he DID lie about it?

Has there been an NBA team before that almost won three straight championships, and then tanked the next year? Hypothetically speaking.

CNN reports Trump administration reportedly thinking of adding more countries to the travel ban list. Makes sense, when all else fails, expand the hate.

Makes some sense that Trump is moving to Florida. If he ever wants to go to a baseball game, the Marlins don’t have enough fans in the stadium to loudly boo him.

Has anyone told Trump the Nationals used to be the Expos? Canadian immigrants taking American trophies….

Makes some sense that Trump is moving to Florida. If he ever wants to go to a baseball game, the Marlins don’t have enough fans in the stadium to loudly boo him.

Time passage.

October 31, 2019

Pitchers and catchers report in 103 days. But who’s counting?

So while Nationals get a World Series trophy can fans in Montreal get a team back?


As an SF Giants fan must say Game 7 of the World Series is a lot more fun without your stomach tied completely in knots.

Lots of grouchy Astros fans over AJ Hinch’s bullpen management tonight. To be fair, not every team has Madison Bumgarner.

RIP Ron Fairly, 81.  It’s been years since he was an announcer for SF Giants .. but how can we forget. “Last night I neglected to mention something that bears repeating?” And “”The wind at Candlestick tonight is blowing with great propensity.”

I know he doesn’t get a ring, but will  Nationals  vote Bryce Harper a playoff share for leaving?

Washington Wizards would like to thank Nationals for winning World Series tonight and distracting DC fans from the fact Wizards scored 158 points in regulation… and LOST.


Still crickets from Trump on California fires. Even though Wednesday morning one was  is threatening Reagan Library.   Of course these days wouldn’t Donald call Ronald a “Never Trumper?”

For that matter can anyone remember ANYONE ever challenging Donald on anything without him or her being called a “Never Trumper?”



Joe Biden was denied communion at a Catholic church in South Carolina. Wonder if the same priest would deny communion to Catholic Newt Gingrich and his former mistress Callista who is now his third wife.

Trump, who despises immigrants and pets, has tweeted ANOTHER picture of the al-Bhagdadi raid’s hero dog. This one photoshopped.
Has anyone told Donald the animal is a GERMAN shepherd?

If Trump wants to photoshop a picture of himself looking like a normal person who likes dogs, why didn’t he photoshop his teenage son into pictures of himself at World Series?