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Wholy Who Dat.

October 14, 2019
Pope Francis tweeted Sunday, and maybe didn’t realize about hashtags.


Today we give thanks to the Lord for our new . They walked by faith and now we invoke their intercession.

When he added the #, Twitter automatically added the Fleur de Lis for the Saints.

Maybe even God and the Pope aren’t over that pass interference call?

Who needs Touchdown Jesus when you have the Pope?



Tom Brady says he won’t be trying to convince Rob Gronkowski to come out of retirement. Well, not unless the Patriots start losing, that is.

Just thinking, if you were watching the previously winless Redskins vs Dolphins Sunday and you’re not a hard-core fan of either team, you might want to rethink your lack of hobbies.

Aaron Judge on last night’s ALDS matchup between the Astros and Yankees “Just back and forth, the two best ballclubs in the game.”. So he is saying we might as well just cancel the World Series then?

Six penalty flags on six consecutive plays yesterday late in Cowboys-Jets game. But hey, doesn’t everyone pay their way in to games or buy NFL Sunday Ticket to watch world class officiating?

Your reminder that while White House and Trump play down the mass murder parody video they were completely apoplectic and called it “absolutely disgusting,” when Michelle Wolf made fun of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ eyeliner.


Trump is tweeting about the manslaughter case in Anguilla about a white man, Scott Hapgood, who claims he killed a resort worker in self defense. But crickets on Atatiana Jefferson, killed while playing video games with her nephew,  in her own home by a police officer. I wonder what the difference is?

Now Trump is taking time from his busy day for this tweet -“Vote for good guy @seanspicer tonight on Dancing With The Stars. He has always been there for us!” Again, this is NOT a well man.