Hitting the ceiling.

Congressional Black Caucus chair Emanuel Cleaver called the final debt ceiling deal a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich.”

Really? Doesn’t that title already belong to the Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger? (Yes, it is a burger using doughnuts as buns.)

The San Francisco Giants have now lost five straight – Tuesday night 6 to 1- and haven’t scored four runs in over a week.

Showtime is doing a series on the team called the Franchise.

Wonder how long it will take someone to do a movie on the Giants’ lineup? It will be a remake of “Eight Men Out.”

(Or maybe “Eight Men Out” is the Jeopardy answer to the question. What usually happens when the Giants position players each have a turn at bat with runners in scoring position?)

The San Francisco Giants seem to have accomplished the impossible. Take a weak hitting team, add two .300 hitters(Beltran and Keppinger), and start hitting…worse?

Barry Zito is now back on the Disabled List for the San Francisco Giants. “Disabled?” Actually the NFL has a better list title for players in his condition: “Physically Unable to Perform.”

Any truth to the rumors that as Congress left town they let out a collective cry of “Winning?!”

Congress went right from the debt bill to summer recess. Without addressing the FAA issue which has resulted in domestic air taxes (and thus funding for air travel projects) lapsing. United Airlines celebrated today by raising international airfares $40.00. You’d think if Congress really wanted higher approval ratings they would get together on re-regulating the airlines.

Meanwhile, Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn apologized for calling President Obama a “tar baby.” and said he “absolutely intended no offense.” Really? With the term “tar baby?” This settles it. Lamborn is either a liar or an idiot.

A New Jersey politician (who at least has been separated from his wife for two years) is under fire since nude pictures he sent to a woman he was flirting with online showed up on the internet. I think I can speak for all Americans in saying, “Thank heaven it wasn’t Chris Christie.”

Rumor has it that both Kelsey Grammer and Alec Baldwin are both considering future runs for Mayor of New York City. Guess the strategy is, get your scandals out there BEFORE running for office.

from Gary Morton:

After signing legislation to raise the debt ceiling, the President saw the stock market plunge 266 points. Guess they should have been working on the debt basement.

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6 Comments on “Hitting the ceiling.”

  1. tc Says:

    WR Randy Moss has announced that he will retire. (that’s cause no one will sign him) Just wait until a team loses one of their top WRs to injury…..

    Moss is Favre from retiring!

    In other news, it appears that the NY Jets have quashed their “Take No Prisoners” mantra.

  2. Gary M. Says:

    Thought I’d just tuned into the Giants-Arizona game but it said the Giants have 8 runs on 12 hits after 6. Then I realized I was on the Sci-Fi channel.
    Nice to see Beltran playing like the Royal Beltran, again.
    Oakland’s current road trip takes them from Seattle to Tampa to Toronto, then back to Oakland. Sounds like MLB outsourced their scheduling duties to the NBA.

    • tc Says:

      If it was the nfl, (e.g. Dallas & StL) Toronto would be in the AL West and Oak would be in the AL Central. Don’t get me started on the NHL. 😉

  3. tc Says:

    Pay Rod may be suspended due to his involvement in “underground” high stakes poker games.

    The commish has warned him when he was previously implicated in the same activity. Guess Pay Rod thought he was just bluffing.

    Pete Rose says “I’m all in.”

    • Berney Says:

      I wonder if Pete Rose bet on Ellsbury to hit two walk off winning runs in a row to beat the Indians….

      • tc Says:

        Pete Rose made a bet in Vegas at the Bellagio Sportsbook that he would get into the MLB Hall of Fame at Cooperstown.

        Then he went on line and bought a pair of tickees at StubHub.

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