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The price they pay.

November 17, 2017

House tax bill would not allow fans who make mandatory  “donations” to universities for the right to buy expensive college football or basketball tickets to deduct those donations as charity.

Just guessing they’re not hyping this part of the bill in red states.

No Kawhi Leonard, no Tony Parker, 23 point deficit to OKC, and Spurs win.  Just possible Popovich is a very good coach.

Now Jameis Winston accused of groping a female Uber driver. Buccaneers wishing he had stuck to grabbing crab legs?

Gymnast do take hard falls. Has anyone checked #GabbyDouglas for concussions?

Battle between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell may turn out to be more riveting than 90% of NFL games this season.

Sad when it’s come to seeing #JesseJackson trending & you’re almost relieved it’s “only” Parkinson’s disease – not him dying or being accused of sexual assault.

So after Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkey will he then ship it to Mar-a-Lago to be secretly cooked & sold to guests at $100 a plate?

Saying Mike Pence’s policy of never being alone with another woman makes sense is like saying people should never go to museums w/ famous works of art because it’s too hard to look and not touch.

Trump tweet “Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!”

Who knew that some in the party that doesn’t give a damn about poor children and immigrants have a soft spot for elephants?

Trump “unexpectedly” released list of 5 conservatives he might appoint to Supreme Court. Bribe for when more sexual assault accusations come out?

Kayla Moore says President owes them thank you for taking “focus off Russia.” Except Trump might not be happy – Moore story also takes focus off Trump.

Guess no one told @realDonaldTrump, that a- it’s “FrankenSTEIN,” and b- Frankenstein was the doctor. Monster he created had no name.

Amazing GOP contortions to convince themselves that any woman who accuses a Republican is an angry liar & anyone who accuses a Dem a wronged saint.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders – “Difference between Franken and Trump is that Franken has admitted wrongdoing.” Right, adults do that.


So with Sarah Huckabee Sanders logic, any man who denies sexual harassment or abuse is innocent.   I missed her exoneration of Bill Clinton.

Trump says Al Franken “really bad.” Because he groped a woman’s breast instead of grabbing her by the pussy?

That moment when you think a zygote is worthy of protection but a teenage girl is not. #KaylaMoore #RoyMoore

Not the size of the dog in the fight.

November 17, 2017

Congrats to Jose Altuve on being AL MVP. Question of the night – is the trophy bigger than he is?

A Crimson Tide fan shot Auburn fan during argument over which team was better. Miss days when this would have been most embarrassing story out of Alabama.

Kevin Durant says “Ain’t no such thing” as loyalty in the NBA. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Pop might disagree. #GoSpursGo

Does anyone about fans of the random teams that get picked for Thursday Night football actually care about the games?  Maybe the CFL would step in to offer alternatives without risk of injury to NFL stars?

South Carolina women’s championship basketball team declined White House invite. Does anyone think Trump knows who NCAA women’s champions ARE?

If it weren’t for the tax reform bills in Congress the situation between Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones might be top of the list for millionaire vs millionaire drama?

Apparently 210,000 gallons of oil leaked today from Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota. If only anyone had warned us about this?


Can Charles Manson go ahead and die? Because the world needs some good news.

Bummer on Al Franken. But would all potential 2020 Presidential candidates save us all time and stress and take a polygraph test on sexual harassment right now?

Jared Kushner has failed to hand over Wikileaks emails to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’m sure it’s because he just didn’t recall.
20 more allegations on Spacey from a London theater. Waiting for the “hold my beer” moment involving Roy Moore.
So based on his tweets should we assume major accomplishment of Trump’s Asia trip was keeping 3 UCLA players out of Chinese jail?

Would Trump have been less judgmental on #AlFranken if Franken had only been heard saying he wanted to grab women by the pussy?


You know the one person besides Roy Moore who hasn’t apologized for sexual assault allegations again them is Donald Trump.