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All fall down

November 21, 2017

Georgia Dome imploded today faster than the Falcons did in the last Super Bowl.


Alvin Kamara was a third round draft pick. Which means every NFL team passed on him, some at least twice. #Saints

Trump attacked Marshawn Lynch Monday morning, though game was Sunday afternoon.   Guess Fox & Friends must have just covered Lynch’s anthem protest.

As horrifying as it is to watch on many levels, some fascination in watching Donald Trump & Lavar Ball trying to out-grift each other.

That moment when you see #WichitaState trending & end up thinking “Whew,  they’re only involved in a closer-than-expected basketball game –  it’s not a mass shooting.”

Kim Kardashian has fired her longtime personal assistant, Stephanie Shepherd. Missing days when that would be most insane news story.

If women knew there were so many men about to be exposed we could have raised serious money for charity w/ a fundraising “exposed sexual predator” bingo.

Open note to any powerful man who hasn’t been outed yet as a harasser & you’re SERIOUSLY sorry about past behavior, maybe confess now before you have to?

#GlennThrush suspended by NY Times for alleged sexual harassment. Sure it’s just coincidence now he wrote all those negative stories on Hillary Clinton.


Kellyanne Conway & Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicate being predator is OK because tax cuts are more important. How many does candidate have to murder for that to take precedence?

The way some pro Roy Moore Alabama preachers are attacking motives & behavior of teenagers, maybe time to investigate THEIR pasts with girls.

US has travel advisory for Europe over potential terrorist acts around the holidays. Thinking it has to be scarier for Europeans to travel to US with potential mass shootings around the holidays.


Jeanine Pirro ticketed for driving 119 mph in a 65 mph zone. Can’t wait to see how Fox News spins this as President Hillary Clinton’s fault.

There’s no crime epidemic involving Haitians, no evidence that people who are here do anything but contribute to USA. Sending 60,000 home is just plain cruelty.

Wait until Trump realizes a-  he can’t deport Puerto Ricans and b- they can vote in Florida.