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Eight, or nine or ten men out?

November 29, 2017

NY Giants benched Eli Manning after 2-9 start. Because without him they might be contending with Browns for the number 1 pick?

ASU might hire Herm Edwards as football coach. Because nothing says looking to the future like a 64-year-old who hasn’t coached in 10 years.

Anonymous NFL owner on Trump “He’s trying to destroy us. He’s trying to use race to divide players & our fans. It’s all over a grudge.”
That moment when @POTUS gives @NFL the moral high ground…

Oops. Apparently a glitch in American Airlines’s vacation scheduling system means that thousands of flights Dec 17-31 don’t yet have pilots scheduled. So will flights that operate have a “pilot bonus pay” surcharge?

‘Add #MattLauer to the list. Well, there will be no shortage of men with the resumes to run for GOP senators.


-Geraldo Rivera has been tweeting so vociferously about news being “flirty business” got to figure it’s time to start a pool on when HIS accusers come forward.

Now #GarrisonKeillor fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior. Maybe it’s time just to turn all media and politics over to women.

Several GOP senators are condemning Trump’s retweeting of far-right “Britain First” hate videos. Why don’t they just use the standard “Thoughts and prayers?”


Fox News is positively gleeful over the Matt Lauer firing. Wonder if they hope for a ratings bump to make back some of that $32 million they paid Bill O’Reilly.

Thinking over at Saturday night live they might as well wait to write cold open until Friday night, because most outrageous story of week keeps changing.

In Alabama, new poll showed among Trump voters, only 9 % believe Roy Moore allegations. No wonder Trump is now taking back his admission on Access Hollywood tape. #Truthhasaliberalbias

So when did #MAGA become code for “Let’s p*ss off every other country in the world except Russia?” Repeat win today for those with Britain in Trump insult pool.

Several GOP senators are condemning Trump’s retweeting of far-right “Britain First” hate videos. Why don’t they just use the standard “Thoughts and prayers?”


Birds of a feather: Not all Americans were unhappy with Trump’s retweeting of far-right anti-Muslim British videos “Thank God for Trump! That’s why we love him!” – David Duke

Once again, if Trump wanted to prove immigrants are depressing pay, all he had to do was raise salaries enough at Mar-A-Lago to get Americans to apply instead of getting 70 temporary visas.

No respect.

November 29, 2017

Wisconsin is absolutely the Rodney Dangerfield of this year’s #CollegeFootballPlayoff rankings.

Eli Manning has been benched in favor of… Geno Smith? Colin Kaepernick won’t need to present evidence at his collusion trial other than NFL game tapes.

NY Giants benched Eli Manning in favor of Geno Smith. Maybe they think they can catch the 49ers for that number 2 draft pick.


QB Sam Darnold denied reports he will stay at USC to avoid being drafted by #Browns. So guessing Darnold doesn’t think he’ll be #1 pick?
If Dems really want to get voters in red states against GOP tax plan maybe they could point out making free tuition taxable for students COULD gut college football programs.
(especially those 5th year senior star QBs who transfer for the “graduate opportunities.)
Eric Trump tweeted about irony of Disney’s ABC saying “Pocahontas” is offensive because they made half a billion on movie. Uh, how much did “Psycho” make?
Arby;s owner bought Buffalo Wild Wings. Who knew they could find a company that makes Arby’s look healthy by comparison?
Allegedly on Monday night Roy Moore campaign staffers “manhandled” two photojournalists. Before Trump tweets #FakeNews, the reporters were from Fox News. Pass the popcorn.

Two-thirds of Senators are millionaires. Would they care to tell us how their tax bill will affect THEIR returns? #GOPTaxScam

Now that @CNN said they will boycott the White House Christmas party, will @realDonaldTrump say he rescinded the invitation anyway?

You know the world is insane when you see #Reno trending and are happy to find out “oh, only a ‘active shooter’ but no reported injuries.”


I dream of an alternate reality where world is a calmer more secure place & comedians are struggling to write new pantsuit jokes. @HillaryClinton


Maybe Elizabeth Warren did incorrectly tout Native American heritage. GOP would criticize less if she just was avowed white woman hanging around malls looking for teenage boys?