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Payouts and payback

September 21, 2010

Apparently Los Angeles created only 55 jobs with $110 million in stimulus money. Big deal, Meg Whitman is trying to create only one job with $150 million of her own money.

Actual verbatim headline on SI.Com after tonights 49ers-Saints game. “Bush on crutches after injurying leg in fourth quarter.”

Is there something about the name “Bush” that is incompatible with the English language?

(Michael Duca’s response, “Men can’t think properly in the presence of the word.)

Here’s hoping Reggie Bush’s injury isn’t career ending, but for all those who talk about “God’s Will,” maybe God thought it was time for a little karmic payback after all the media fawning over Bush’s “doing the right thing” regarding returning the Heisman?

Christine O’Donnell now says if she WERE a witch, Karl Rove would be a supporter of hers. No, if she was really a witch, those clips would have vaporized, and Bill Maher would be living on a lilypad in a pond.

Ohio University has apologized to Ohio State and its fans after the school’s Bobcat mascot tackled the Buckeye’s Brutus mascot. Meanwhile, after the school’s 43-7 loss to OSU, Ohio coach Frank Solich has recruited the Bobcat to play defense.

Watching Brett Favre being interviewed yesterday after the Vikings loss, seemed like both he and Lindsay Lohan have a problem in knowing when to quit.

Bristol Palin, who claims she now wants to be a cautionary role model for young women to be abstinent, made her first appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” Monday. Yeah, magazine covers, network talk shows, and now a reality show. That should show girls that it’s not a glamorous life being a single mother.

New York Republican candidate Carl Paladino, said recently that Manhattan is “home to smug, self-important, pampered liberal elitists.”

Not necessarily true, Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx.

Meanwhile, in California, Meg Whitman is continuing her campaign to win the vote of all smug, self-important pampered conservative elitists.

Former CEO Mark Hurd has reached an agreement with HP to settle their lawsuit. Hurd will give up the stock portion of his severance and HP will “allow” him to work for Oracle. So he will only get $12 million cash severance and a new $11 million a year package at Oracle. Yeah, that’ll teach him.

By comparison..

September 15, 2010

Bill Clinton says a lot of the GOP candidates this year make George W. Bush look like a liberal. A liberal? Heck, a lot of them make W. look like an intellectual.

Christine O’Donnell, who won the Republican primary in Delaware, has talked about enemies, (both Democrats and Republicans) who follow her and hide in her bushes,” making it necessary for her to have a second secret real address. Christine also said she would like to have the endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Well, O’Donnell does believe in a vast left, right and center-wing conspiracy.

Reggie Bush basically gave back his Heisman because he wasn’t in compliance with NCAA rules at the time he won it. Looking at all the past winners from Florida, Miami, Florida State, Texas, etc… if that’s the standard, the Heisman trust had better clean out a storeroom for used trophies.

Another thought regarding Bush giving up his Heisman: considering all the other recipients from schools with less than squeaky-clean programs (Vinny Testaverde from Miami, for example), not to mention the various infractions from other winners, why don’t they just slap an asterisk on the trophy and be done with it?

From Gary Morton on the same subject — Within a couple of months, Reggie Bush has lost a Heisman and a Kardashian. One has a hand-made, bronze bust, and the other…ok, ok, they both do.

With the depressed economic situation in Ohio, Senator Sherrod Brown is trying to get the NFL to lift the blackout rule so people can watch the Bengals and Browns home games on TV. But really, haven’t Ohioans suffered enough?

Apparently the FCS (former Division 1-AA) has a .091 winning percent against the FBC (former Division 1-A) so far this college football season. Six wins out of 148 games.

Hey, it’s a higher winning percentage so far than the 49ers or Raiders.

The game that might end up the most fun for those who love to do the chain of wins game was North Dakota State 6, Kansas 3. Because Kansas has already upset No. 15 Georgia Tech. So if Georgia Tech upsets someone, and that someone only has one loss….well you get the picture. North Dakota State could lay claim to being National Champions.

Moving on.

September 8, 2010

Regarding that Florida church and the Quran. Anyone who wants to demonstrate their First Amendment rights by burning a book is unclear on the concept.

The Redskins are apparently in talks to trade Albert Haynesworth. This after the defensive tackle failed numerous conditioning tests and apparently has been just “awful” with a bad attitude in preseason games. At this point the only way Haynesworth could be less popular in Washington is to be part of Congress.

The team most interested in Haynesworth apparently is his old team, Tennessee. But based on Albert’s performance and attitude lately bringing him back to Nashville could be a disaster of “Titanic” proportions.

Fired HP CEO Mark Hurd, who just received $12 million PLUS stock options as part of his severance package, has now agreed to join Oracle as a co-president, no doubt for another eight-figure salary plus stock package. And these ex-CEO’s running for office wonder why many voters question their ability to relate to the average American.

Actually with Hurd and Ellison in the same boardroom, the fastest way to make a lot of money in Silicon Valley for an attractive woman might be to hire on at Oracle as an executive-assistant. Seems like good odds on being able to file for sexual harrassment.

Tuesday morning hangover for the BCS. Since Boise State didn’t fold on national TV and lose to Virginia Tech, this potentially means one less BCS bowl opening for the SEC or Notre Dame. Oh, the horror.

So the Heisman Trophy Trust might make Reggie Bush the first person to be stripped of his trophy. What can we learn from this? Killing two people pales in comparison to taking gifts and getting USC put on probation.

Manny Ramirez was slightly injured in Tuesday’s White Sox loss to the Tigers. Of course at this point in the season the team doctor may just put Manny on bedrest for his third trimester.

Tiger Woods has been named to the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Well, makes sense, one thing he has shown he can do this past year is “Ryder.”