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The boys of almost summer?

June 1, 2017

(oops, this post was delayed. I blame Trump.)


By Thursday night, wonder how many casual sports fans will remember who’s playing in the NBA finals.


This eternal break before the NBA Finals is making many sports fans long for the excitement of Super Bowl week.

Michael Morse is now on the 7-day concussion DL after running into  Jeff Samardzija during Strickland Harper brawl. Now who’s complaining Posey stayed put?. @SFGiants

Adam Silver thinks LaVar Ball “will settle down” once his son, Lonzo is drafted. Right, like Trump was going to become “presidential.”

Prosecutors drop charges for man who threw catfish onto Pittsburgh ice in game of of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Now . Pirates want to interview him for bullpen

Southwest is testing a faster deplaning process that will allow passengers to leave the plane through both forward and rear doors. Wonder if United is testing a variation where they just throw you off along with your luggage?

In Wisconsin, the GOP wants to scrap required concealed carry permits, citing $40 fee & the training required as  hassles for gun-owners. These are the same legislature who  want to make it harder to vote.    WTF?

#Covfefe or not covfefe, that is the question.

Spicer on “covfefe”   -. “The president & a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” So “small group of people”=”voices inside his head?

Whatever #covfefe is we can be sure that it’s Obama’s fault. Or Hillary’s.

#KathyGriffin‘s stunt was disgusting. But so were all lynching images of President Obama. Condemnation if real should be bipartisan. Period.

So pulling out will be Donald Trump’s response to climate change? Alas, that’s his same response for women needing birth control.

Donald Trump Jr.  tweeting about Kathy Griffin’s tasteless attempt at a joke.  “And I’m counting down having to explain it to my 8 and 10 year olds who I’m sure will see/hear about it at school. “
Doesn’t sound fun. Kind of like trying to explain to the children that their grandfather wasn’t really trying to grab women’s kittens.


Trump tweeted “I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord Thursday at 3:00pm. The White House Rose Garden.  Make America Great Again.”

Someone has told this man the Presidency is not a reality TV show?

Reports of demise of  Blackberry phones have been greatly exaggerated. The new Keyone released today already sold out and on backorder.

Question of the day directed at Sean Spicer from a reporter: Obviously [Griffin’s] conduct has been widely condemned, and it’s not a partisan thing to say joking about violence toward the president is unacceptable. But on that note, I wanted to ask about Ted Nugent, who joked multiple times about assassinating President Barack Obama, who said Hillary Clinton should be hanged. He was invited to the White House for dinner by President Trump. Do you believe that was appropriate? And if Trump is offended by this incident, why was he not bothered by all of Mr. Nugent’s comments?”
Guess this is why Trump wants to eliminate press conferences.


Meanwhile…. back in sports. Lebron after someone spray-painted racial slurs on his house. “As I sit here on the eve of one of the greatest events we have in sports, race and what’s going on comes again.”On my behalf and my family’s behalf, I look at it like this: if this is going to shed a light and continue the conversation, then I’m OK with it, My family is safe, and that’s the most important. Just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America. Hate in America for African-Americans is living every day, even though it’s concealed most of the time.
Emmett Till’s mom, actually, one of the things I thought of, one of the reasons she had an open casket was so that people could see what he went through as a victim of a hate crime. No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is tough. We got a long way to go, for us as a society, and for us as African-Americans, until we feel equal in America.”

The Heat is gone.

June 13, 2011

Is it just me, or does Callista Gingrich make Cindy McCain look relaxed and natural?

Silver lining for the Miami Heat? After the team’s disappointing and at times childish performances when it was clear they felt entitled to a ring, they’ve all been offered a spot on next year’s “the Bachelorette.”

Another silver lining, for the Heat,  while the Dallas Mavericks get the White House visit with Obama, all the crying and whining has earned Miami a private invitation from John Boehner.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution clearly hasn’t seen Dirk Nowitzki.

I think if JFK were alive he might say to all Americans north of Fort Lauderdale “Ich bein ein Maverick.”

‎24,000 or so emails released from Sarah Palin’s time as Governor of Alaska, and so far nothing ridiculously embarrassing. Which illustrates one point – even the dumbest women seem to be smarter about electronic communication than men.

Speaking of electronic stupidity, apparently Lebron James refers to himself as “King James” in texts.  Open note to Lebron and any other athlete  – before you refer to yourself as royalty, it’s a good idea to actually win a crown first.

Actual Stanford Psychology PhD thesis title: “Using counterfactual transgressions to secure a moral identity.”. “Counterfactual transgressions” – I see a new political buzzphrase coming on.

Also from Stanford commencement –  Mexican President Felipe Calderon was the keynote speaker.  His speech lasted 18 minutes.  Or as Joe Biden would call it, perfect timing for good introductory remarks. 

Suggested by my son’s friend Zev – “Who’s happier tonight?” Fans in Dallas, or in Cleveland?

Actually there’s one unhappy man in Dallas –  Jerry Jones.   The Mavericks win a championship,  the Rangers win the American League championship.  And the Cowboys….   Hey, how about that impressive job Dallas did in hosting the last Super Bowl in their new stadium?   Oops, never mind.

Poor Jeb Bush

January 6, 2009

Who has announced he will not run for Senate in 2010, saying “now is not the time.”   Just his luck to be the Lisa Simpson of American politics.

Barack Obama ran afoul of Senator Dianne Feinstein for not consulting with her about his choice of Leon Panetta for CIA Director.   Apparently somewhere along the way the Presidential appointment process has become a game of  “Mother, May I?”

Lebron James’ incessant whining over his travelling call against the Wizards?

“Crab drivel.”

 You might have made a New Year’s resolution to get a life and focus a little less on sports, if….. you were really looking forward to tonight’s GMAC  bowl  between Tulsa and Ball State.  (and you aren’t an alum of either school.)

Actually GMAC Bowl might be aptly named.   A little late – January 6! – with a product most Americans really weren’t that interested in… (Wonder if next year they will rename it the Bailout Bowl?)

A very funny writer and football fan, Hartley Miller, pointed out to me that USC is the only major conference team undefeated on Saturdays.  (Their loss to Oregon State was Thursday, September 25.)

Although as I thought of – alas, hours later – the 2008 Detroit Lions were undefeated on Tuesdays.